My Top 5 Quick & Easy Pulled Pork Recipes and Uses

1 – Pulled Pork Burgers

Pulled Pork Burger
Pulled Pork Burger

What would a quick & easy pulled pork recipe list be without a pulled pork burger?

Pork Shoulders and American-Style BBQ (low & slow smoking) are as synonymous as braaing & boerewors here in South Africa… and there’s no easier way to enjoy a smoked & pulled pork shoulder than in a burger!

While you’re free to add and experiment with your ingredients, the classic pulled pork burger is simply a bun, fried onions, pulled pork, coleslaw and your favourite BBQ sauce…. it literally couldn’t get easier than that!

Feeling adventurous? Check out these 5 Alternative Pulled Pork Burger Recipes.

2 – Pringled Pork Boat

Many of my recipes (and stories in general) start while we are messing about at some festival or party, and this recipe has its origins at one such festival. A friend of mine was tired of eating bread, but she was really craving some pulled pork. Pringles happened to be a sponsor and abundantly available at the festival, and before you knew it the Pringled Pork Boat was born.

It’s almost Nachos, just quicker to make and some would argue even tastier 😉

Lay a bed of Tortilla Pringles (I like the Mexican Salsa, but the Nacho Cheese is the crowd favourite), a thin layer of fried onions, a layer of pulled pork, a dash of BBQ, a generous amount of Chilli/Garlic relish and you’re good to go.

Of course you can always go the whole nine yards and turn this into actual Nachos by starting with some cheese on the Pringles (or regular tortilla chips), and in addition to your pulled pork, adding tomatoes, beans, olives, corn, onion, jalapeños… pretty much whatever ingredients you like… and then finishing it off with some guacamole, sour cream and/or salsa.

3 – Pulled Pork Tacos / Burrito

Pulled Pork Wrap
Pulled Pork Wrap

The Mexicans sure know how to make quick & tasty takeaway meals… and they’re so versatile too! Now I’ve checked some proper gourmet wraps & tacos before… a wide variety of fruits, veg & sauces/salsas, all combining to become the perfect taco or burrito. A mouth-watering pulled pork taco/wrap really doesn’t need more than the most basic of ingredients though.

Pulled pork topped with nothing but coleslaw & salsa stuffed into a hard taco shell or wrapped up in a tortilla – super quick and satisfying!

4 – Toasted Pig & Cheese

Pulled Pork Snackwich
Pulled Pork Snackwich

I fondly remember my student days and how we would jam almost anything into the snackwich machine and call it a meal. Unfortunately I didn’t know anything about pulled pork back then, or I’m sure I would have eaten this at least weekly.

As I’m writing this, I’m thinking this would make a perfect jaffle as well… hmmm…. Anyway, to give this one go, start by making your usual grilled/toasted cheese sandwich but pop in some pulled pork and caramelised onions… (p.s. a few peppadews are pretty good too).

Boom… That’s it… #PigAndCheese FTW \m/

5 – Scrambled Eggs & Pork

Pulled Pork Breakfast Bowl
Pulled Pork Breakfast Bowl

Beat some eggs (along with milk, butter, salt & pepper… i.e. however you normally start your scrambled eggs). Lightly fry up some onions & bell peppers… Pour in the beaten eggs and once halfway set, stir in some pulled pork. Once your scrambled eggs are ready, top it off with the remainder of your pulled pork, a squirt of BBQ sauce and maybe even a little cheese!

Serve on toast or in a bowl, and keep an eye out that your guests don’t eat the bowl! That’s right… Pulled Pork works for breakfast!

6 – Ramen (2-min noodles) Pulled Pork

OK, OK… So I know I said 5 recipes in the title… but #6 so cool, I snuck it in as a bonus

You know you want to try it now! Another staple for any student… most of my mates gleefully admit to STILL chowing down some 2-min noodles every now and then. It’s cheap, quick & easy and with very little effort, you can turn a bowl into a gourmet masterpiece… so the next time that 2-min noodle craving hits, try sprucing it up with some Pulled Pork.

P.S. I originally started writing this post to inspire people buying pulled pork from me as temporary “Lockdown Delivery Plan B”… but I got so hungry (and nostalgic) that I’ve decided my very first BraaiBoy TV episode post-corona is going to be a quick “let’s do all 5 recipes in 1 episode” vibe…So please make sure you hit subscribe over there… You won’t wanna miss this one!

**edit**: I would really love to hear your innovative (i.e. beyond burgers & hotdogs) ideas for using both my Pulled Pork & CheeseGrillers (and don’t forget to check how to reheat pulled pork)… drop them in the comments below or hit me up on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc. … I’m there as @BraaiBoy on most of them.


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