Good Fellas

Goodfellas - The Smart Way HomeWith the amount of braaing (and with that drinking) that I get up to every day, I think these guys came to me as if sent by a Guardian Angel.

Signing up with GoodFellas is a no-brainer for anyone that enjoys a party as much as I do… Even if you’re just slightly over the limit: You give them a call, and they send someone out to take you home (in your own car)… how cool is that? The way it works is that 2 people show up to your party in their own car. One of the drivers gets into your car and the other follows you in their car. Once you’re home safe, they both get into their own car and head out to help the next person.

Just 2 or 3 trips home with them and I could quickly see why they are SA’s leading and longest established “take me home” service.

When I first hooked up with them they only offered Chauffeur services to members, but now offer event services and shuttle & chartered buses to both members and non-members alike… go on, head on over to and give them a try… and give your driver a high-5 from me 🙂