New Experiences & opportunities during the Corona Lockdown

Spanner after spanner thrown in the works

This Corona lockdown has some serious implications for almost everyone… Those of us in the events & entertainment industries started feeling the pinch a few weeks prior when “social distancing” became a thing.

In true *#NeverSayDie SA-style*, a lot of us got creative (had/still have an epic programme #Meals4Musos that my mate Christo, aka @baasdebeer, and I were gonna launch), a lot of my muso mates started live streaming, I collabed with others to offer discounted (albeit attendance-limited) home parties etc. … these are all great ideas and WILL see the light of day… but unfortunately not just yet.

The last year or so I’ve been so focused on opening my BB Bistros (which is a good thing… and I can’t wait to get back to that after lock-down)… but that meant that my social media and blogging had to take a back seat.

BB Bistros Windows Branding

Now that we’re actually in a full on lock-down here in SA, we’ve all had to make peace with it… and there’s actually even a silver lining or two.

A Time to (re)focus

Now that it’s literally illegal to move around as freely as we’d like, all of that is put on hold… BUT… there’s a silver lining…

1) My Website –

I (half-heartedly) started a mission to revamp my blog the beginning of this year (_**”New year, New me”** bullshit that we all fall prey to every New Year :rolls_eyes:_), never got around to it, but now that’s actually gonna happen in the next 2 weeks (so please bookmark it, and don’t judge me… yet):
– It needs a new “coat of paint”,
– my shopping cart is dysfunctional (and mostly empty),
— I’m sitting with tons of merch ideas that never got off the ground #WatchThisSpace,
– I haven’t loaded any new recipes in about 2 years (although I’ve occasionally still been posting on Steem, and from now on Hive, and YouTube)
– … and the list goes on.

2) Introduce SA to crypto/blockchain

… and not the “Invest in my Bitcoin Pyramid Scheme” bullshit either.

I want to introduce everyone in South Africa to blockchain blogging (check out Hive using and start earning crypto for your social media posts) & my very own cryptocoin (it’s called a **_BRAAIB_** – a pegged coin, so no ‘investment’/speculation required)… I’m about 70% done with that, and will hopefully be sharing that with all of you REAL soon.
_Technically it’s a token not a blockchain on it’s own… but more on that in the coming weeks ;-)_

P.S. If you’re reading this and wanna get started ANYWAY, hit me up (@BraaiBoy on pretty much all the major social media platforms), or head over to … I think/hope the contact form works, but my WhatsApp number is also there 😉

3) Get social on social media again

I also (half-heartedly again) promised myself I would get more active on social media (but literally haven’t even loaded all my profiles onto my phone… in my defense, I lost like 3 phones in less than a year, so it became quite tiresome :P).

Well… we’ve got nothing else to do over the next 21 days (and probably longer)… so I can finally get all those little issues sorted too.

4) FINALLY sort out my lapa


Stay Tuned and/or connect for the 1st time

What are *you* doing during the Corona lock-down? CAN you work from home? (Re)watching tons of Netflix series’? Doing some housework? Starting a new business? Masturbating excessively?

This very bad thing that’s happening to the world could/SHOULD prove to be a great opportunity… assuming of course I can convince the bank to let me keep my house & businesses after all the installments have bounced :holds_thumbs:

Keep in touch online, STAY SAFE, and hope to see you all on the other side.



Works Hard, Plays Harder... always Braaing!

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