The Original Braai Pie Recipe – an all time favourite

Man Alive! You have not eaten until you’ve eaten a braai pie. I LOVE a fresh pie (not the dodgy garage pies one tends to buy in a drunken state at 3 am) and I LOVE to braai… so how I hadn’t thought of this sooner I have no idea.

But thanks to a friend of mine, Cara, the wonder that is now the famous Braai Pie was born. The concept is fairly simple: you take puff pastry, fill it with meats, cheese and other bits and braai it…  It’s literally a pie on the braai! YUM! I’ll be posting the full recipe with some more pics in the recipe section of the site fairly soon so make sure you bookmark my site and check back often.

Trust me folks when I say: You have to try this one!

Update: I’ve uploaded the full recipe here:


Braai Pie

"Kwaai Braai Pie" vs "Next Level BraaiBroodjie" vs "A pie on the braai"... no matter how you refer to this puff pastry filled piece of heaven. It's a MUST TRY for every braai master.
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Side Dish
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Prep Time: 20 minutes
Cook Time: 20 minutes
Total Time: 40 minutes
Servings: 6 people
Author: BraaiBoy


  • 2 rolls Puff Pastry
  • 1 bunch Spinach - not chopped or baby spinach
  • 1 chicken breast
  • 125 g bacon - bits
  • 1 small onion
  • 1/2 red and/or yellow pepper - diced
  • 1 punnet mushrooms
  • Cheddar Cheese - (and Mozarella) to taste

How To Braai

  • Defrost the dough and roll the first one out onto the grid.Tip: do not defrost for too long in the microwave, else the dough goes soggy... your best bet is to let the dough defrost slowly on its own.Tip: use some Olive Oil or Spray & Cook on the grid before laying out the dough.
    Braai Pie Step1-Puff Pastry
  • Fry onion, bacon and peppers together, and if you're using chicken in your recipe, fry (or braai) the chicken.
    Braai Pie Step2-Fry Ingredients
  • Place half of raw spinach on dough.Tip: Make sure to dry the spinach off properly before placing it on the dough. The less water/moisture you have before you start, the better.
    Braai Pie Step3-Spinach
  • (Optional) I'm a HUGE fan of cheese, so I add a layer of cheese here as well, but most times you only need to top it off with cheese at the end.
    Braai Pie Step3a-Optional-Extra-Cheese
  • Cut chicken into pieces and place on spinach. Add onion, pepper and bacon mixture. Slice and add the mushrooms.
    Tip: you could opt for pre-frying the mushrooms
  • Add a final layer of Cheese(s)
    Braai Pie Step 7-Add-Cheese
  • Finish off with the rest of the spinachTip: The Spinach should cover the dough nicely, it helps to prevent too many juices from seeping through and getting the dough wet.
    Braai Pie Step 8-Spinach
  • Place the second roll of dough on top. Seal the dough (as if you are making pies).Tip: Egg wash the dough for that extra golden brown effect.
    Braai Pie Step10-Second-Roll-Dough
  • Place it high up on the fire and turn constantly until golden brown... This is not a steak: rather turn too much than too little 🙂


That's basically it: The important stuff is the puff pastry and spinach, feel free to experiment with the rest of the fillings (I often substitute peppadews in for the peppers; often leave out the chicken; I don't eat Feta, but hear that adds in really nicely etc. etc.).
Oh... and one last (VERY IMPORTANT) tip: When you make it the first time, you'll be tempted to overdo it on the ingredients... don't! Remember the grid needs to close without "cutting into" the pastry too much.
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Good luck, and let me know how it goes in the comments below, and please feel free to browse my Braai Recipes for more of my favourite braai time recipes.

Update: SpiceGirl and I filmed the making of a Braai Pie, you can check it out over here: Braai Pie Recipe Video

Update: There’s a DESSERT Braai Pie recipe as well!

Update: There’s a Game Braai Pie recipe I did when I visited Humdani Game Breeders!

Update: Check out the Braai Pie I did at The Fire & Feast Meat Festival!


Works Hard, Plays Harder... always Braaing!

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  1. Theresa van Wyk

    As jy die Weber gebruik, hoeveel charcoal gebruik jy en wanneer begin jy braai en hoe hoog is die rooster van die kole af?

    1. braaiboy

      Gebruik “redelik min” kole… daar moet net genoeg wees om hoender te braai, dalk even minder… dws Nie eers genoeg om die hele bodem toe te maak nie.

      As jy ‘n standard Weber gebruik, dan sit ek my toeknyp rooster sommer bo-op die Weber Rooster (daar is net 1 hoogte). As jy ‘n “Compact Weber” het, dan sou ek die rooster even so bietjie wil lig en/of nog meer gereeld omdraai.

  2. Willem van Zyl

    dankie dit klink yummuy gaan dit beslis probeer

  3. Mike Cawood

    I tried the dessert braai pie but found that there seem to be too much dough and you could not taste the filling?? Help.
    Regards Mike

    1. BraaiBoy

      Hey Mike,

      The trick with any Braai Pie is to not overfill, otherwise you risk the dough breaking apart.
      Having said that, you can definitely double up on the caramel in the recipe.
      Also, I’ll amend the recipe to indicate grams instead of “cans”… did your pear slices cover the entire pie?

      Finally, I normally serve it with some ice-cream. I can imagine it would be a little “doughy” without the ice cream.
      – Thanks for reminding me… will update the recipe notes accordingly.

      P.S. Do you have any pics of the one you did?

  4. Marinda

    Absoluut n wenner thanks a lot

    1. BraaiBoy

      Hi Marinda,

      Jammer ek sien nou eers jou message… was maar bietjie lui met my website afgelop paar jaar… maar noudat ons in Lock-Down is, het ek tyd om bietjie op te vang 😉

      Dankie dat jy ingeloer het… die Braai Pie is inderdaad (even na al die jare) nogsteeds een van my favourite resepte… Jy moet jouself ‘n guns doen en die nagereg braai pie ( ook probeer… YUM!

  5. Sharlee

    5 stars
    This recipe is the bomb! We had it as a main and the whole family loved it!

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