Three ways technology has changed the way we braai

South African’s have been spending time around the braai since before we became a republic. The basic requirements for a braai hasn’t changed much for anyone. For instance, all my braai needs to start is fire and meat, and we’re off to the races. But we are now in 2018 and technology has undeniably changed the way we braai.

Here are three ways technology has changed the way we braai.

The way we shine a light on the braai

Any person that has spent time at a braai will understand the important role that light plays in a braai. We often have a braai at night and one of the more pressing issues when having a braai is making sure there is light on the braai. Most dedicated braai areas have a built-in light to cast some light on the subject. Unfortunately, we don’t always braai in te same place. The beauty of a braai is that it goes really well with the outdoors and camping. Meaning that we often need a portable light that we can use to see when the meat on the braai needs to be turned over.

It started with a candle or some form of the lamp being held to shine some light on the braai. With the advent of electricity and the battery torches quickly became the tool of choice for shining a light on the braai. These days if a braai master asks for someone to shine some light on the braai, it’s less than a second before everyone whips out a smartphone ready to be used as a torch. Not only is a smartphone a computer and camera in our pockets, but for South Africans, it has also become a vital tool to light up a braai.

The way we acquire our meat for a braai

It used to be pretty simple: If you couldn’t hunt, you couldn’t eat meat. Over the centuries most humans have become pretty shitty hunters because they don’t have to hunt. They can simply buy their meat, already slaughtered, butchered and packaged, ready to braai. Now we’ve taken this a step further, where you don’t even have to go to the grocer or butcher to buy your meat. In 2018 you can buy meat online and have meat delivered to your door even when you live in a city like Pretoria.

Yes, not having to kill what we eat has its negatives along with the positives. But who can argue with the ease and the time-saving positives that comes with ordering meat online?

The fuel we use to braai

The wood used to be the fuel for all fires. But wood can get wet and that can make getting the fire started a pain in the ass. In 2018 the fuel we use for our fires is a varied as the opinions of what you should use to braai in the first place. Many say that it’s not a real braai unless you use wood. Some opt for the consistent heat offered by charcoal and others like how instant the heat is on a gas braai. We can argue semantics all we want, but having options for fueling the fire has made the ability to braai much more attainable for us all.

Come rain or shine, braai we will braai and the ability to use wood, charcoal or gas has changed the braai-game. You might be the type of braai snob that pulls up their nose at the idea of a charcoal or gas braai, but if your wood is wet it’s good to know that you have options. At the end of the day, the most important thing is that we braai, come hell or high water.

How has technology changed the way you braai?

We all have our tips and tricks for a braai. What technology do you use at your braai? Leave a comment below and share your braai-knowledge.

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  1. David Starley

    Firstly, let me state that I love to braai. I would braai every day given the chance, but the missus will not let me. That having been said I braai EVERY Saturday at least, and its well known by the missus that if I didn’t I’d have massive withdrawal symptoms, so, there you now know it – I do braai on Saturdays at least!

    But, now getting to the point in the discussion though; Technology.
    In my various bios I make the statement that ‘….one can beer without braai but one cannot braai without beer…’
    Thus it goes without saying that there has to be beer at the braai and one most certainly cannot have beer that is warm……………so……. Cold beer is a MUST!!
    Hence Cooling Technology is what it’s all about;
    If you’re lucky enough to be at home or at a friend’s that has a bar fridge, then you’re sorted.
    However, that’s not always the case so this is where portable fridges, cool boxes, ice and freezer blocks come into their own.
    All based on cooling technology, which may not have changed the way I braai, but it certainly makes it a whole lot more comfortable and enjoyable!

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