Braai Month Giveaway – Show me your banana and win a Bonsai Braai #BananaForScale

#BananaForScale – A Braai Month Giveaway

Spring is here, and while most of us South Africans will braai any time & any where… The Spring and Summer months allow us all to squeeze in a few more.

Some time ago, I did a BraaiBoy TV episode featuring a “Bonsai Braai“… catch that episode below in case you missed it.

Now while there was never any intention by Chad-O-Chef to actually make of any these little bonsai braais for retail purposes, it caught enough of your guys’ attention that they decided to do another once-off… but this time, YOU an a buddy can each score a bonsai braai for yourselves.

For the month of September, Chad-O-Chef have asked me to help them give away 10 of these Chad-O-Chef mini braais, by inviting you to get involved with the popular Internet Meme known as #BananaForScale.

Banana For Scale ExplainedGo BananasWhat’s IS #BananaForScale? 

Simply include a banana (for scale purposes, duh!) in any picture and/or video. For a more thorough explanation visit:

But not all bananas are created equal!
And therein lies the fun! Big bananas, small bananas, fake bananas…. they’re all welcome in Chad-O-Chef’s #BananaForScale Braai Month Giveaway.

How to win?
1) Take a picture or make a video .. obviously braai themed, featuring a banana on the braai.
2) Share it on your own social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or YouTube).
NB: Your post needs to be ‘public’… or we won’t find it.
3) Tag @Chad-O-Chef and use the hashtag #BananaForScale
4) Tag a buddy that you would like to win a Bonsai Braai with you.

In case you missed it, here’s the Banana For Scale BraaiBoy TV episode:

You may enter as many times as you like, but you need to tag a new buddy in each new entry.

The first week’s winner!

Winner(s) are picked by Chad-O-Chef through a random draw each week… and this week’s winner is Ryno Wilson from Facebook.

Ryno Wilson - Banana For Scale on Braai
Ryno’s braai grid stacked with meat… and a ridiculous, out of place banana… for scale 😉

He had a cool little shoutout video that went with the post as well… So here’s one right back at you Ryno: THANKS FOR PLAYING WITH DUDE! \m/

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