Beer Tasting Challenge

Beer Tasting Challenge
Beer Tasting Challenge

I was hanging out at Capital Craft (aka my office) the other day and the barman was telling me about a buddy (Wim van Vuuren) that claims he is the “beer tasting guru”. OK, fair enough, Wim works for Jack Black and knows a lot about his beer, but I spend enough time drinking the stuff, that I believe I can take him on.

1 beer led to another and before you know it, the guys at Capital Craft agreed to sponsor the beer if I challenged him to a beer tasting. Who says ‘No’ to FREE BEER? #ChallengeAccepted! OK, technically it’s a #ChallengeAcceptedToPoseAChallenge, but that just seems awkward.

So Wim, if you really are the “Beer Guru”, put your beer where your mouth is:

Pick a date, and I challenge you to a beer tasting at Capital Craft… and just to make things a little more interesting: The loser has to wait on tables, in a french maid outfit, for 2 hours. Keen?

"Beer Guru"
“Beer Guru” prefers pink champagne

P.S. This is going to be TOO easy… I searched Wim’s profile for a pic of him drinking beer, and the closest I could find was one where our “Beer Guru” is sipping on some pink champagne.

Follow Wim (@wimpvanvuuren) and I (@BraaiBoy) on twitter to see if he accepts the challenge, and more importantly what the outcome is.



*Sponsored Post Notice: Besides sponsoring the fuel (beer) for this challenge, this post was not paid for by Capital Craft, Jack Black or any of the other brands I mentioned.


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  1. Raven

    Oh, yeah, game on… Wim knows about beer. Lots. This going be a battle epic proportions!

    1. braaiboy

      Everyone says he does… we’ll have to wait and see 🙂

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