Shaving my head for the Cansa Shavathon

CANSA ShavathonWhenever I shave my head, I think I look like some mean-ass biker dude with loads of street-cred. I mean, it’s all falling out on its own anyway… so why not just help it along?

Unfortunately my wife doesn’t agree, and while I could be all macho and tell the little lady that I’ll do what I like and she needs to live with it, she does have some good bargaining chips preventing me from doing so.

However, there’s an exception: Sometime around the beginning of March every year CANSA has a Shavathon. Dunno what a shavathon is? Check this on CANSA’s website: About the Shavathon.

This was me before the shave… a handsome devil, I know 🙂

Pre CANSA Shavathon

and now this is my new look for a while:

Post CANSA Shavathon

Did you also shave (or colour your head) for the Shavathon this year? If so, send me some pics. If you didn’t… I hope you’ll be joining me next year!


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