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Braai & FlyI recently got into the RC Helicopter hobby, when I discovered a neighbour of mine is actually an instructor for the hobby. He gave me a spin on a simulator and I became addicted. Time to Fly & Braai!

Unfortunately with the hassle of a day job and all the invites to parties (braais), I don’t get enough time to go flying, but at least once a month we organise a fly & braai. February’s fly & braai coincided with the national champs, and I was honoured to be called on as the resident braai master for the day.

Brett FlyingThose of you that know me will know that I’m not much of a morning person. In fact my preferred surfacing hours are after 10h00 in morning. This being the case I arrived to the field late, as Brett (the instructor dude I was referring to earlier) and Mike were about to launch into the first of their routines. Unfortunately for Brett, his first flight out saw him bring the heli back down to ground in a less than spectacular fashion.

With a crashed competition heli, many others would have forfeited the competition. Not Brett, he borrowed the nearest heli he could find and wrapped up his remaining 2 flights. Unfortunately this didn’t help him much and fell short of the top spot he was aiming for.

ParaglidingParaglidingEveryone was treated to some hamburgers and boerie rolls for lunch, as well as a bit of a show by Tony and his motorised paragliding buddies.



Fly & Braai
Chilling with the Helis


BraaiBoy & Helipad Crew
Helipad Crew

If you’re interested in RC helicopters, or keen to join us on the next Fly & Braai then contact Brett Maybery via FaceBook: or Twitter:


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