Hey Carter, I need a new car


About 2 years ago, I wrote my car off. It’s a long story, so we won’t get into that right now… but I had been meaning to replace my “pocket rocket” with a more practical bakkie or van or something. Loading a braai covered in ash and grids smothered in charred sauces and spices was a problem, but the bigger problem was WHAT was I going replace my beloved ST with? So, I simply didn’t. I carried on ruining my leather seats and scratching the paint on the door frames as I forced braai after braai and cooler after cooler into my car whenever I needed to be at an event.

Cool story… but why am I telling you this?

Now if Carter had been around when I was contemplating buying a new car, I would have probably done the sensible thing and switched long before writing my car off. Why? Well, Carter is an eye opener… It’s a new and innovative way to buy your next car. It’s a helluva lot of fun too, and since checking it out has now got me thinking of replacing my current BraaiWagon.


What’s even cooler is that you avoid those pesky car salesman that will do everything in their power to convince you that the new car on their floor is the perfect fit for you. No more caving in to crafty sales talk… you can make you decision based on comparing the facts side by side.

You can play “Car Tinder”

There are various ways to find cars that you might be interested in… but by far the most fun is the “MatchMaker” feature… It’s like Tinder for cars. While there’s no “Super Like” option, you still get to specify your search criteria, and then get swiping… left for “nope” and right for “like”. The best part is that once you’re done, all your “likes” automatically like you back, and you can compare them side by side, feature against feature before submitting your details and asking Carter to ask the dealer with the best discount to contact YOU.

Gotta love technology!

The Carter app is available on iOS and Android, so if you’re looking for a new car… why not head on over to www.heycarter.com and let the dealerships fight over offering you the best deal.


Works Hard, Plays Harder... always Braaing!

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  1. Honono Aphiwe

    Im interested to buy Renault captur without a deposit my contact number its o837489491 im also available on watsupp

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