100 months of non-stop braaing – The story of BraaiBoy so far.

100 months of braaing… REALLY?

100 months of braaing
100 months of braaing

Say What? 100 months of braaing… every day??? That’s Right! I’ve lit a braai (sometimes more than once a day) every day now since 17 April, 2009. What originally started off as a drunken dare back in 2009 has turned into a lifestyle, and one that I am glad to say has changed my life. One that has taken me all over the world, meeting awesome people and learning new things every day.

Don’t you get gatvol?

This is probably the one I get asked the most… Yes, there are the mild inconveniences, like braaing at 00h05 in the morning, because you’ve got a 05h00 flight leaving Las Vegas… but then I remember: “DUDE!!! YOU’RE BRAAING IN VEGAS!”. Another time I had to sneak out of hospital to go braai (fortunately my mate was the surgeon, and agreed to perform surgery at 20h00 that night just so that I could do so), but like I always tell people: We all have to eat, I’m just fortunate enough that I get to eat well every day.

How do you keep it interesting?

Braaing in Spur
Braaing in Spur

I’ve attempted, and broken, several Guinness World Records; Spent 4 hours braaing under water; and braaied above/on water – sneaking in a braai at 04h00 in the middle of the Mediterranean (because the cruise liner wouldn’t give me permission to do so); Braaied in a parking lot of Nashville International Airport while waiting for a connecting flight; Smoked up the streets of London (and nearly got arrested) and attended events in towns across South Africa that I didn’t even know existed. My most recent favourite being the braai I pulled off in the smoking section of the OR Tambo Spur. The stories are endless, and one day I might write a book about it… but for now I’m celebrating 100 months of braaing every day!

I’ve had a lot of help!

All of this wouldn’t be possible without YOUR support, encouragement (and crazy ideas/suggestions – the lamb testicles episode comes to mind immediately) of course… so as a way of saying thanks, I’ll be giving away some cool merch including BraaiBoy Zippos and Braaihemian Rhapsody T-Shirts every day for the rest of the month.

Celebrate with me & win cool merch:

  • Share a picture/video/haiku/whatever on Facebook, twitter or Instagram depicting a “100 braai” (be as creative as you wish)
  • Tag @BraaiBoy in the post and use the hastag #BraaiBoy100
  • p.s. Make sure your post is public, or I won’t see it, and you won’t qualify for the prizes.

Ts & Cs:

  • Enter as many times as you like on as many of the platforms as you like.
  • 1 winner every day from 18 – 30 Sept 2017.
    • announced the next day (unless I’ve got a hangover)
    • every entry is valid for every day’s draw… e.g. entries on 18th are entered for 18th, 19th, 20th… 30th
    • i.e. the sooner you enter the more chances you have.
    • Winners need to have a office hours delivery address in South Africa.
  •  Prizes may change every day.
    • I’ll announce on the day what’s up for grabs. If I’d known sooner that today marked the 100 month mark, I may have spoken to sponsors earlier, but I didn’t… so we’ll wing this one as we go along.
  • Judges decision is final.
    • I’m the judge, I may change my mind and/or amend as I see fit 😉
  • Don’t be a doos, be lekker!



Works Hard, Plays Harder... always Braaing!

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  1. Lara Scheltema

    Well done Braai Boy, we will never forget that epic kuier when you did that day’s braai at our house – that is just an awesome memory that we often talk about.

    Keep up doing what you love.

    Happy 100 days braaing…


    1. BraaiBoy

      Thanks Lara… I remember that day with fond memories too.

  2. Annemie

    Ahh I will never forget the night me and my sister met you at Aandklas. Awesome night! Erll done braaiboy, and thanks for your food at park Acoustics every Month

    1. BraaiBoy

      It’s an absolute pleasure… and thank YOU guys for all the support!

  3. Rick Morris

    One cool night, about 11:30 PM on the streets of Nashville TN. BriaaBoy in a near panic went looking for something to briaa before mid-night. We walked out if a karaoke bar, where Borries Bornman had just treated us to a version of “Ain’t no sunshine” (I think, lol). And right there was a street vendor selling sausages. I’m sure she thought BB was crazy when he ordered a raw one. We rushed back to the car, he whipped out all his traveling braai equipment and had his braai on the sidewalk!

    1. BraaiBoy

      Hahaha, That was indeed one helluva jol. Just wait until you get to SA next year though… We’ve still got a LOT of pages to fill up in our story 😉

  4. manashrie padayachee


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