Win tickets to the last Park Acoustics for 2015

Park Acoustics November 2015

It’s time for one big last Park Acoustics bash for the year, and when I say it’s gonna be big, I mean REALLY big. Instead of happening on the last Sunday of the month like it always does, it’s going down on a Saturday (28th Nov) and instead of ending around sunset, we’re gonna be rocking it all the way until midnight.

There will be 4 stages/dance floors this month which are being headlined by GOLDFISH and supported by guys like Shortstraw, The Black Cat Bones, Cortina Whiplash, BCUC, The Oh So Serious and many many more.

Park Acoustics Braai

As per usual, we’ll be there to feed your hungry faces with Pulled Pork and Smoked Brafia Boerie Rolls, so you can leave your weapons and bad vibes at home, but bring lots of cash for the bar and other market stalls. If you think you can do a better job yourself, bring your own chops and you can tan them on our fires for free (remember to bring your own cutlery though).

Tickets are available at for R200, if you buy your ticket at the gate on the day they’ll set you back R250.

Feeling Poor (or even just stingy)? Well, I’m making it real easy this month to win 1 of 5 tickets… Simply do any (or all) of the following:

  1. Comment below telling me why you deserve a ticket, or
  2. Drop me a tweet (and tag @parkacoustics & your favourite band), or
  3. Share your favourite Park Acoustics pic on my Facebook page, or
  4. RT the following tweet

In addition to your free ticket, you’ll also score a Pulled Pork Burger or Boerie Roll. #Winning!

So get those party shoes ready, and we’ll see you at the monument on the 28th!


Works Hard, Plays Harder... always Braaing!

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  1. Shae

    I love bands.
    I love beer.
    I love BraaiBoy.
    I love balls-to-the-walls events.
    I love big wins!

    1. braaiboy

      and I love compliments 🙂

  2. Rosie

    I would like to win these thickets….Best end of the year party….Best line up…..Best pulled pork Burger…Best friends….Best of all, its on a Saturday!!!

    1. braaiboy

      Best of luck 😉

  3. Michael

    I am in the process of getting a new car and the insurance is costing me R600 for the pro-rata amount. Bye bye Park Acoustics 🙁

    1. braaiboy

      screw the insurance… #RyVinnigVatKanse

  4. Elzette

    I need to win ’cause I’m poor!

    1. braaiboy

      hahaha… good reason why you “need” to win… but why do you “deserve” to win?

  5. Jenita Galina

    Oiii Braai Boy

    Make Niskerone get all up in my business
    A month short of Christmas for this little santa makes buying tickets a bit of a push

    Be my Christmas Santa please

    P.A.2015 One last time this year

  6. Jason

    Braai Boy!

    These tickets deserve to be in my possession as I’ve never experienced a Park Acoustics before nor gotten to chow down on your legendary braaied goods!?

    Also I’m living on that student budget! #TheStruggle

  7. Mariette

    i would love to win!!! It will be one to remember, always the best party to go to BY FAR in pta since i dont miss a good party i should know…

  8. Uni

    Free food, great tunes and hot, hot, hot.
    Who wouldn’t want that? In the words of Abba, Gimme, Gimme, Gimme

  9. Bianca

    I deserve to win as I’ve organised a huge crowd of peeps to come to this event and I will be the designated driver getting at least one car-load safely to the union buildings. Not only are they super fezzy, but they have an abnormally huge appetite for boerewors rolls (seriously, they must have black, bottomless holes as stomachs) thus Braai Boy’s profits may double just in their presence (which would only be possible if I drive half of them). Basically, what I’m saying is that this could be an incentive for all my hard work in organising this all, also, as a reward for finishing my honours degree at Tuks B) which has been far from being an easy feat and also means I’m broke due to a student budget…please, mister Braai Boy 😀 you’d really make my entire YEAR with this!!!

  10. Kathryn Steel

    I would love to see my favourite band, Shortstraw for one last time before the end of the year!

    See you there Braaiboy!!!

  11. Gerán Herbst

    I feel I deserve to win because:

    a) My exams finish on the 26th of November
    b) I have missed three Park Acoustics this year because of academic obligations
    c) If I don’t win tickets I’m too broke to party at the best post-exams event possible.

  12. Claudia

    I’m fishing for Gold to watch one of my all time favorites (Goldfish) – a ticket would be gold for me.

  13. Quinton

    I deserve to win some tix because of the “Awesome” lyrics I posted on your Park Acoustics post for last month? I know they were lame – but I tried! Hahahah

  14. Arne Dunckers

    Because I’ll make you a pulled pork pie afterwards 🙂

  15. Gerán Herbst

    I feel I deserve to win because:

    a) My exams finish two days before the event, the 26th, and what better way to celebrate the end of the academic year than with a day-long Park Acoustics?
    b) I have already misses three other PA’s I would’ve liked to attend because of academic obligations.
    c) Because poor second-year student.

    I hope this gives you enough reason to see I’m fully deserving of this glorious and prestigious prize.

  16. Chante

    Basically, it’s hard being a poor ass student with dank taste in music. I also contribute to the environment a great deal by breathing. Living off noodles and fruit flakes and box wine can be tough, so a boerie roll would be fab even. PLEASE AND THANKS :’)

    (PS. student loans don’t cover festivals/events)

  17. Schane

    I would love to attend the last Park and see Shortstraw & Kyle Cassim, and also I am leaving to go work overseas; and would love to experience taste of South Africa with the last Park for the year!! … 🙂

  18. Dihael

    I’ve been to all the PA’s this year and really dont want to miss the last one!

    Tickets pleeeez BraaiBoy!


  19. Leathicia

    I’ve been a loyal Braaiboy customer since Otterlake Easter Festival in 2013 and feel like I need something back (I’m not going to say deserve something back, because that sounds a little bitchy and entitled…)
    The ticket will definitely be that little something I need to make my life seem a little more fulfilled…and the sandwich would definitely be that little something to fill my stomach and create the perfect little lining for an awesome day of partying with friends and awesome bands! 😀

  20. Jess

    I clearly haven’t been jolling right if a real jol includes a boerie roll/pulled pork burger aka the food of the gods. MY DEPRIVED SOUL DESERVES TO WIN BECAUSE IT LIKENED YOUR FOOD TO THE FOOD OF GODS AKA YOU’RE A GOD plz n tnx *stokes your beard* *wipes braai-juice and beer out of it* *fans you with printed out tickets with my name on them*

  21. because this is the best park acoustics line-up that has ever graced my eyes and being a person that actually goes for the music, I’d love to lose myself in it.
    the pulled pork burger also sounds like a winner.

    maad love

  22. braaiboy

    Mr Headger,
    Tarin Mudaly,
    Lizette Mills,
    Shae and

    you each won a Park Acoustics ticket and some free chow.

    Hit me up on twitter or via the contact form here on my site with your contact details so that we can organise your prize for you.

  23. Adelle

    Braai boy, I deserve these tickets because I love braai-ing, I love pulled pork, GoldFish and I love kids. I spend most of my time with the latter (teacher problems) so really I’d love a chance to get to experience all those other things I love in one go.

    And minus the 5 year olds, they’ll be waiting on Monday.

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