Good Fellas – I’m choosing the smart way home

Good Fellas iconIf I were a cat I’d definitely have used up 8 of my 9 lives already… and thank goodness a couple of “Good Fellas” came across my path recently, so now I have a good chance of making that 9th life last a little longer.

I think it’s been established that I REALLY like to braai, and like most South Africans whenever there’s a braai, there’s a good chance you’ll find a couple of Beers, Ricky Louw’s, Klippies & Coke and all their friends. Now all this braaing & drinking inevitably leads to a lot of drinking and driving… I myself have been guilty of it many times. The fact that I’ve only been locked up once is a miracle and something I’m definitely not proud of. Since my little incident many years back, I’ve got no trouble handing the keys over to my wife after the party and she drives us home, but what do I do when she’s not around? Well… I drove home drunk of course. So why am I telling you all of this? And, who are these guys that are going to save my 9th life? I introduce you to “Good Fellas – The Smart Way Home” (

Good Fellas Logo
Good Fellas – The Smart Way Home

Good Fellas have been around for quite some time now, and they offer to take you home, in your own car, so you don’t end up leaving it at a mates place/pub and sitting with a hangover (and no car) the next morning. But it seems we’ve been a bit reluctant in South Africa to take them up on their wonderful offer (myself included), but as of today, I’m proud to say that I’ve now got a designated driver on call!

Please go check these guys out and sign up, and whenever someone offers you “one for the road”… feel free to have two! 🙂


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