On Your Mark… Get Set… Supa Braai!

#SupaBraai - Claim Your Fire
#SupaBraai – Claim Your Fire

The #SupaBraai competition was launched today… and I thought I’d give you a quick heads-up how it works.

Oh yes… and not that any of us really need an excuse to braai… but Supa Quick thought they’d give you a few anyway:

Join us in the #SupaBraai fun this September and stand a chance to win Weber Braais, Brafia Sauces and 2 catered braais to the value of R5, 000 each!

Step 1) Light the braai

Supa Braai Step 1This part is easy… It’s officially spring and you’re going to be braaing a lot anyway (right?). Now, just make sure you’ve got your phone with you and snap a quick pic every time you do so.


Step 2) Claim Your fire

#SupaBraai - Find LocationPoint your phone’s browser to www.SupaBraai.co.za and click the “Find My Location” button on the map.



#SupaBraai - Claim My FireYour current location should be marked, if it’s slightly out, drag the marker to where you are and click on the “Claim My Fire” button, and follow the prompts to upload the picture you took a few seconds ago.


Step 3) Share with your Friends & do the same again tomorrow

Unless of course you braai more than once that day… simply come back and share that braai with us as well. You can enter up to 2 braais per day. Please feel free to share your braai with your friends on facebook and twitter as well, and let’s light South Africa up this heritage month.

#SupaBraai - Share on FB and Twitter

THANK YOU… and good luck.

P.S. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask me in the comments below, or hit me up on facebook and twitter.


Works Hard, Plays Harder... always Braaing!

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