Win tickets to the 1st Park Acoustics for 2016

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As far as months go, January must be the worst of them… It most likely started off with a hangover, and then got worse by sending you back to work/school. However it does have 1 redeeming quality… It ends with a kickass party in the form of Park Acoustics!

We’re starting the year with a bang and we’re super happy to welcome Matthew Mole, Monark, Josh Kempen, Mind Pool, Maddy Behrens and our resident DJ Michael Lesar. Comedy is spot on with Dusty Rich, Loyiso Madinga and Lazola Gola.

Park Acoustics January Flyer

As per usual, we’ll be there to feed your hungry faces with Pulled Pork and Smoked Brafia Boerie Rolls, and if we get our asses into gear we’ll have a limited number of smoked chicken wings available as well. So make sure you get there early, we’ll only have about 50 or so wings available. Leave your weapons and bad vibes at home, but bring lots of cash for the bar and the other market stalls.

Of course you’re always welcome to bring your own chop & dop and come tan them on our fires for free (remember to bring your own cutlery though).

Tickets are available at for R150.

Win 1 of 5 Tickets!

Feeling Poor (or even just stingy)? Well, it’s real easy to win 1 of 5 tickets… Simply do any (or all) of the following:

  1. Comment below telling me why January sucks/sucked for you, or
  2. Drop me a tweet (and tag @parkacoustics & your favourite band/comedian), or
  3. Share your favourite Park Acoustics pic on my Facebook page, or
  4. RT the following tweet


In addition to your free ticket, you’ll also score a Pulled Pork Burger or Boerie Roll. #Winning!

So get those party shoes ready, and we’ll see you at the monument on the 31st!


Works Hard, Plays Harder... always Braaing!

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  1. Matt Black

    #JanuarySucks for me because my freelance work has dried up and the job I was pursuing has fallen through.

    1. braaiboy

      Ok… yeah, that’s EXTRA sucky. Because you were the first to comment, I’ll give you the 1st ticket. Hopefully January can be a little less sucky now.

  2. Colleen


    So this is a really long neverending-uary and I’m broke. BUT I would like to impress the new boyfriend with my ticket acquiring skills. So please please please may I have the tickets?

  3. Nilton de Caires

    January sucks cause I don’t have cash to go to my first ever Park Acoustics 🙁 always wanted to go and this time I have free time but no free cash lol

  4. Nicoline Louw

    January sucked money wise because I started a new job as an educator and all the extra expenses to keep the little ones happy and a week before I started, I hurt my back real bad so had some extra medical bills.And it is my 30th birtday on Saturday. So a relaxing day at the park is just what the doctor ordered…

  5. Roxzann

    Because I Can’t go to Park Acoustics December was a raping month… aaaaand 2 of my favorite people passed away (Alan Rickman & David Bowie) sigh…

  6. Sharon

    January sucked because it is a month into the new year and I am still waiting for the new me that all the Facebook posts promised?

  7. Hilton

    January sucked for me, because of the wits protests, I’ll get paid 2 weeks later than usual.

  8. Jocelyn van Vuuren

    January has been particularly sucky because despite it being my final year I still feel as though I know nothing and just today I got a mouthful from my senior, lost a logbook full of signatures and when the day finally ended I managed to lose my car keys and spent over two hours searching for them #kakfriday #badomensfortheyear

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