Heritage Month Braai Makeover with Loot.co.za

Loot Braai MakeoverEarlier this month I got a call from the guys over at Loot.Co.Za asking me if I would help them give 2 very deserving ladies a braai makeover in the spirit of celebrating heritage month.

Westlake in the Cape, is a small community barely 2 blocks down from Loot.co.za’s offices and one of the guys that works there brought it their MD’s attention, that Phelokazi & Bulelwa work almost every day, from midday until 22h00 at night, braaing up some chow for their friends and neighbours. Rusted and rickety braais made up the tools of their trade and there could therefore be nobody more deserving of a braai makeover… hopefully giving their respective businesses even the a smallest of boosts.

I’m always up for a braai, and if I can make someone else’s day by doing so… even better! So I hopped on the plane and we got to work. While these ladies started off very shy and reserved at first, I managed to really connect with both of them off camera. I got some tips for braaing the perfect runaways, and I shared some of my spices in return. I could see Bulelwa was impressed, and she said she would definitely be using it from now on. Phelokazi was not as convinced, her fish oil and secret spice mix was all she needed for her runaways… Oh well… you win some, you lose some 🙂

Some old school #ShisaNyama vibes for today's #SupaBraai

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While I’ve had runaways many times before, some of our crew hadn’t… and I managed to convince our camera guy to get in on the action… his response: “It tastes just like chicken?“… well, duh 🙂

Boerewors Rolls All Around
Boerewors Rolls All Around

Once both ladies had received their new braais, I was afforded the honours of giving the new braais a test-drive and braaied some boerie rolls for everyone, even getting a few of the neighbours to pull in. And despite typical wet & windy Cape Town weather everyone had a ball! Thanks a million to the folks at Loot.co.za for inviting me to be part of this initiative and allowing me to meet some awesome people, and all the best to Phelokazi and Bulelwa and their braai businesses.

Have you ever tried runaways (or walkie-talkies)? Please feel free to let me know in the comments below, or hit me up on twitter (@BraaiBoy) and Facebook.


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