Top 100 Braai Tips of all time

Top 100 Braai Tips

Every so often some poor sap is tasked with coming up with braai tips for a blog post or campaign. More often than not, the sap in question doesn’t even own a braai, and instead of telling their boss they have no clue they scour the Internet and rehash of the same old tips & tricks and even try to pass off ill-informed myths as braai genius. 

I literally want to cry every time I read someone telling me to turn meat X after Y minutes, or how poking meat will “let the juices out. REALLY??? LET THE JUICES OUT? FFS!!! But, if I read one more article about how to use your finger and thumb to test for meat readiness, I may literally need to track that person down and show them exactly where that finger and thumb belong.

But this isn’t a rant post… in this post I will share the Top 100 most legit braai tips ever known to man! These are the tips that you can and should actually be using! Some of these tips might be obvious to the experienced braai master, but sometimes we forget! If you implement even half of these braai tips, I promise you, you will become a better braai master.

The Top 100 Braai Tips Of All Time

p.s. Click images to view the tip if you you can’t read the thumbnail… duh!

Braai Tip #1

braai tips 1
Braai Tip #1 – Recipes are only guidelines

Braai Tip #2

Braai Tips 2
Braai Tip #2 – Once the flames have died down

Braai Tip #3

Braai Tips 3
Braai Tip #3 – Better-Tasting Asparagus

Braai Tip #4

Braai Tips 4
Braai Tip #4 – The Apron is a legally binding agreement

Braai Tip #5

Braai Tip 5
Braai Tip #5 – Go for a run around the block

Braai Tip #6

Braai Tips 6
Braai Tip #6 – Have something for the vegetarians

Braai Tip #7

Braai Tips #7
Braai Tip #7 – Give a man a boerie

Braai Tip #8

Braai Tips #8
Braai Tip #8 – Use leftover ribs

Braai Tip #9 … #100

Braai & Experiment more often.


Think I missed any important braai tips? Please feel free to let me know in the comments below or hit me up on twitter and/or facebook using #BraaiTips.

Of course if you’re looking for some actual braai tips, you might want to try my 30 braai tips that I wrote for a buddy a few years back.


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