BraaiBoy & Steem

Wanna Pay for you Food using Steem?

BraaiBoy loves STEEM so much, that if you’re probably at this page because you’re standing in front of his food stand at the moment and he told you that you can now pay for your chow or his merch using STEEM, and that it was going to cost you less if you did so. If that’s the case, click the button below to pay using STEEM instead of Randelas or your Credit Card.

>insert “Pay With STEEM” IMAGE LINK here<

Nope… I stumbled upon this page… what is STEEM?

Never heard of STEEM? STEEM is a CryptoCurrency, similar to Bitcoin and any of the others you may have heard of. A few months ago I discovered… a social/blogging platform that rewards its users for posting their own content as well as for liking other people’s content.

Imagine you were using Facebook, YouTube or Instagram and every time someone liked your picture/post you got paid for it. You also get paid when you like other people’s posts. Well… in short: That’s

Can I buy STEEM using Randelas?

Indeed you can! Well… sort of! Just like most other CryptoCurrencies there are exchanges that allow you buy and sell STEEM and SBD (Steem-Backed-Dollars). Most of the time you will need some other CryptoCurrency to do so though. It’s really not as daunting as it sounds… promise 🙂 But that’s a story for another time.

OK, tell me about again.

There are barely 1 million Steemians ( users as we’re known), compared to the billion-plus Facebook users, and #TeamSouthAfrica has a small but very active little community going there.

  1. You can head on over to and register for yourself.
    • That takes 2-3 weeks though for the free account.
  2. You can use one of the many pay-to-create-a-steemit-account services out there.
    • Some are overpriced (but allow you to remain 100% anonymous), others require you to known someone using Steemit already, Others are just a rip-off.
    • Whichever option you go for though: Make sure you know what you’re doing and MAKE MULTIPLE COPIES OF YOUR PRIVATE KEYS.
      • I cannot stress this enough… you only get one chance, and if you fuck it up, you’ve lost your wallet and nobody can help you get it back.
  3. Join BraaiBoy for a FREE PRESENTATION and braai and he’ll help you through it.


Easy Tiger! There’s no such thing as a free lunch!

The presentation is free though, not the lunch. Depending on where I’m doing the next one and what’s on the menu, you’ll be forking out about R150 for your own drinks and chow.

I’ll also walk you through all the Steemit tips and tricks I’ve learned over the last couple of months and highlight what you need to avoid. Some people are literally making 2 cents for every other post they make while others are making 100s of dollars… DON’T be the 2 cents guy!

The next Braai/Presentation is: No idea… will look for a venue and a date and update this section ASAP 😛