Wusthof KnivesWhile I’m not a pro chef by any stretch of the imagination, all my chef mates will tell you that every kitchen needs a good set of knives… and what is your braai area, if not an outdoor kitchen? A very social kitchen, true… but a kitchen none-the-less. So it’s easy to say that every true braai master needs a good knife… or two… or several, in their arsenal. Fortunately for me, I’ve got Wüsthof to help me out with that. Wüsthof are known for their quality knives and kitchenware the world over, and you instantly realise why the moment that you pick up your first Wüsthof.

I’ve been a fan of their knives even before I started my BraaiBoy journey, using them in the kitchen and around the braai for years… so it just made sense to approach them and see if we could become even better friends. 

Our relationship started in 2015 when they hooked Team Braai-B-Que up with knives for our #BraaiUSA trip to America. They liked our vibe and agreed to help us out again in 2016… and a few times since then on other trips and competitions.

Check out some of my #BraaiBoyTV YouTube videos to see these awesome knives in action.

P.S. Hooking myself & my teams up with knives aside, Wüsthof have not, and do not pay me to endorse their knives, nor do they necessarily endorse the messages on this site.

Where to buy Wüsthof?

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