Every now and then someone sends me their “cool idea” for a braai gadget or sauce or whatever, and quite often it turns out to be quite kak, but when Willie popped over and showed me his Grid Grabber… this was definitely not the case!Grid Grabber

Grid GrabberI’m sure you’ve needed to either raise or lower the grid on the braai before, and more often than not you end up using a cloth from the kitchen (which inevitably leads to some “huismoles”), or you tear off some paper from the bag of charcoal, or you burn your hands trying to be a tough guy etc. etc.

None of this is necessary anymore!

Definitely ranking up there as one of the coolest braai gadgets I’ve come across. You can contact Wilie or Werner on the Grid-Grabber website… or you can buy your grid-grabber right here on my own Braai Shop.

Happy Braaing!