Biffs Big 6 - Graeme

With his love for braaing and his passion for cricket in mind, Graeme Smith, former South African Cricket Captain, decided to establish Biff’s Big 6.

Biff’s Big 6 offers you a dynamic braai experience, with quality products and backed by the Captain himself – they guarantee a unique braai that lasts longer and burns with a hotter flame.

Their hardwood makes home heating more efficient and cost effective, but also makes very effective coals for braaing.

Pizza restaurants, bakeries, home owners, outside event companies and local pubs who use Biff’s African Hardwood, are finding that they’re using less wood than before – given the heat and longer burning qualities. Vouching for the quality of our product and their barbeque or fire.

Biff’s Big 6 is a brand for the lovers of a good ol’ braai, and with cricket in our blood and braaing in our nature, they’ll ensure that you’ll never miss an opportunity for a braai with teammates.

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