Best Care Ambulance Services

Best Care At Guinness World Record
Best Care At Guinness World Record Attempt

My relationship with the folks over at Best Care Ambulance Services goes way back. Every time I’ve needed a “medic on site” for any of my events, they’ve rocked up and lent a hand. During my Guinness World Record attempt, they checked my vitals every so often making sure I don’t keel over, but just as importantly, these troopers were sometimes my only conversation, and helped to make sure I stay awake during the wee hours of the morning.

Careline Identity
Careline Identity Wristband

As one of the leading ambulance services in Gauteng, they render 24/7 Emergency Care, and now they’ve launched a service that may just save your life! The Careline Identity bracelet.

With their 24/7 medical identification wristband on your arm, you will never have to fear a lack of information to a paramedic like:
– Allergies?
– Medical History?
– Medical Aid or not?
– Your family’s contact information

This information can make a huge different in your treatment in any emergency!

Please go check them out!