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It’s not often that you’ll find me around a braai without a beer in my hand, so imagine my joy when folks at the TOPS at SPAR Bierfest noticed that and wanted to reward me with an “Über Table” for myself and 5 mates including Bierfest entry, premium seating, bier tasting, Glam Cam photo, costume apron (his/hers), free beer and a JIGUJA Detox drink to wrap things up.

#WINNING!!! That is… until I heard that I had to be there on 9, 10 or 11 Oct… which unfortunately happens to be when we leave for the US on our annual #BraaiUSA competition tour. The FOMO that set in was so bad, that I even considered checking in at the airport, popping into the bierfest for an hour, and then heading back to board my plane.

Fortunately sanity prevailed, and asked the organisers if I could give the prize away to you guys instead… and they agreed, and then just to make sure you #DrinkSmart , you will also win a 1-year GoodFellas SmartChoice membership!

What’s the Bierfest about?

BierfestYou can visit for all the info and to buy tickets… but in short:

In its 5th year now, the TOPS at SPAR Bierfest is voted as the “next best thing” to actually being at ze historic Oktoberfest in Munich- Germany, Bierfest is SA’s largest annual national festival of Bavarian bier culture. Since 2011, Bierfest has been carting its kegs to Durban, Johannesburg und Cape Town from September through to November each year.

Bierfestarians can look forward to participating in a range of traditional Oktoberfest-inspired games between biers (when last did you put your cow milking skills to the test?), on-ze-spot competitions (hint: dress-up on theme as best you canthere are trips to the actual Oktoberfest in the offering), and other audience participatory activities (if hoisting 1-litre steins of frothing bier to your lips repeatedly and singing along to German folk-song isn’t enough “participation” for you!).

Don’t want to miss any of the #RWC2015? Fear Not! The games will be shown on the Bierfest big screen!

How do you win?

  1. Browse on over to, click “Going” and invite the 5 mates that you want to join you at the table.
  2. Send this tweet

    1. (optional – every tweet counts as another entry) Send that same tweet every day until Wed 7th Oct @ 12h00
  3. and/or comment on this Facebook post ( and tag the 5 mates you’d take with you.
    1. (optional – every comment with 5 mates tagged counts as another entry) Comment again, tagging 5 new friends every day until Wed 7th Oct @ 12h00.

Bonus: Every day between now and Wed 7th Oct, I’ll be giving away 2 Standard Bier Hall tickets (includes entry and a bier tasting) to random tweeters/facebookers as well. SO… #GETYOURSCHMIDTTOGETHER und don’t miss out!



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  1. braaiboy

    and the winners of 2 Standard Bier Hall tickets each are…
    Justin Lee
    Mila Guy
    Megan Eckert

    and the table winner (and 1 year Good Fellas membership winner is:
    Stephan Roos

    High-5’s all around… if you are one of these people… please get in touch ASAP (bb AT braaiboy co za) with your contact details. NB: If I haven’t heard from you by tomorrow, then I’m gonna need to pick new winners (Your tickets need to be sent to you tomorrow).

  2. Andrea

    Just pick me… go on. 🙂

    1. braaiboy

      Sorry… just a tad too late 🙁

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