Put Foot Rally Entries

These are the entries for the Put Foot Rally competition for a seat on this truly epic adventure… If you want more info about the competition itself, head on back to the Win a trip through Africa post for more about the competition.

To vote for who you think should get the seat, please mention the person’s name in the comments section of this post or browse on over to FaceBook and like the picture of your favourite entry.

Put Foot Rally Entries

skye put foot rally

Skye Says: Perceivably too high maintenance for this kind of thing. Prepared to forego 5-star hotels and floss; and rough it up all in the name of a good jol (and charity obviously). I’m a carnivore, have a self-deprecating sense of humour and I won’t drink your beer 🙂 What more do you need?

christo put foot rally

Christo says: I’m a slightly proud member of the human race. I have lots of reserves and could go hungry for days if needed, although I’d prefer if we could braai every day on the trip.

willie put foot rally

Willie says: I’m an inventor and an innovator. I’m the guy you need on any trip through Africa.

vincent put foot rally

Vincent says: Hi. I am Vincent. I live for braais and Africa. Its been a dream to travel through Africa and your votes can make this come true. Braai and Smile!

annamarie put foot rally

Annamarie says: We are very fortunate to visit this special people in Bushmanland in Namibia. They also forms part of our project of upliftment and responsible Tourism. Winning this will give me the opportunity to give someone less fortunate than myself the chance to experience the wonders of Africa.

frikkie put foot rally

Frikkie says: Ek hou van braai, en ek hou van Afrika. Sit my in die bos met ‘n vuurtjie en ek’s op my gelukkigste.

rikus put foot rally

Rikus says: Hi, I’m Rikus, and I’m a musician. That alone should tell you that I need your votes to travel. Do you know how many pizza’s a bassist has to deliver just to visit his parents, nevermind go on holiday? Well, I do… Furthermore, I LOVE The Braai, I always get photo-bombed, and I’ve never been North of South Africa. Oh, the girl is just there so more guys will like my pic 🙂

ronald put foot rally

Ronald says: Van Afrika tot Iraq, ‘n boer maak n plan met n braai – Ronald Andeson en Godfrey Anker – ons moes ma net die 2 en enigste speen varkies in Iraq braai die dag! En was hulle nie lekker so ver weg van huis nie!

brennan put foot rally

Larissa (on behalf of Brennan) says: He is an avid braaier in fact we braai a variety of things at least 3 times a week come rain or shine!!

If you’d like to enter… send me a picture of yourself in “Africa mode” and/or braaing, and I’ll put you up for voting.


Works Hard, Plays Harder... always Braaing!

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