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Monkey Gland Sauce on steak
How to make your own monkey gland Sauce - A very easy homemade South African monkeygland recipe for BraaiBoyTV
Bacon-Wrapped Sweet Potato - Braai Snack
A very easy to make bacon-wrapped sweet potato braai snack/starter.
Dirty Steak - aka Caveman Steak
A dirty steak is a steak done directly in the coals. Check out the Dirty Steak How-To recipe and video.
Stuffed Beer Can Burger
How to use a beer can to make a stuffed burger (and wrapped in bacon)
Meaty Fidget Steak Spinner
A fun little recipe that is sure to impress kids both old and young.
JagerBurger - Jagermeister Burger on Grill
Jägermeister Burger Recipe - How to add jagermeister to a burger.