Jimmy's Sauces


BraaiBoy became friends with Jimmy back in 2012, he often jokes that he’ll help Jimmy develop the perfect sauce one day… but the truth is, as an all-purpose marinade/sauce, there really is nothing better than Jimmy’s Steakhouse Sauce out there on the shelves… and NO, Jimmy doesn’t pay me to say that!maybe he should though.. *hint* *hint* Jimmy 😉

BB CheeseDog with Jimmy's at BB Bistro

But I digress… “Founded in 1997, awarded the world champion steak sauce title, Louisiana, USA, and South Africa’s top selling marinade, Jimmy’s Sauces became a house hold name known for it’s quality sauces. No meal is complete without this most versatile sauce, available in a wide range of products to suite almost any individual, no matter your age. It can be used in every dish imaginable, and truly loved by all Jimmyholics around the world.”



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You can now buy Jimmy’s Sauces online from BraaiBoy over here: Buy Jimmy’s Sauces Onlineand during South Africa’s lock-down period it’s on special when ordered with our “Build-A-Meal” deals: Order your Build-A-Meal

P.S. If you’re a restaurant or event caterer: Get in touch with BraaiBoy and let’s talk about hooking you up with your 5L bottles or 10L bags of Jimmy’s SteakHouse Sauce.