Chicken is a Vegetable – The 10 Best Chicken/Vegetable Jokes

I was fooling about on the web trying to come up with some witty “is chicken a vegetable” jokes before I asked AI: “Is chicken really vegetable“… The answer might, nay WILL, surprise you. What does that tell us about AI?

Anyway… while I was browsing the web, I did come across some really funny chicken/vegetable jokes…

Vegetarians are grocer!

A vegan said to me, “People who sell meat are disgusting!”
I said, “People who sell fruits and vegetables are grocer.”

Chickens grow on eggplants

chickens grow on eggplants

People Soup

People Soup

Chicken (well Turkey I suppose) Meme

Gobble until you wobble

** Update **: Check out some real-life lame chicken jokes on my TikTok:

Is that chicken?

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Lame Chicken Jokes – Win with Festive Chicken

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