Free BraaiBoy Beer
Free BraaiBoy Beer
– Ask your waiter

You’re probably sitting with a refreshing pint of #BraaiBoyBeer in front of you right now (or you’re at a participating pub giving away free samples), and the coaster told you to come here in order to find out more about how you can win a keg of #BraaiBoyBeer for your next party.

Well, first off… THANK YOU for trying out my new (soon to be South Africa’s favourite) lager.

Step 1: Take a sip of your beer

Step 2: Think of a name for it

Step 3: Post your suggestion on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram using #BraaiBoyBeer and tagging @braaiboy
– (pics of the beer and/or coaster may or may not score you extra points) 😉

If I like your name the most, it will become the name I use on the beer going forward and you will be rewarded with a keg of #BraaiBoyBeer, A BraaiBoy Zippo, A Braaihemian Rhapsody T-Shirt and whatever other cool goodies I can gather.

Random runner up prizes will be awarded to “cool, but not quite winners” names as well.

The competition will run up until the day after Capital Craft Beer Festival (16th June at the Botnaical Gardens BTW), and the winner will be announced on 18th June on Facebook, twitter and Instagram.

By entering the competition, you agree:

  • You are over the age of 18,
  • I will use the name you suggest without any further compensation beyond the competition prizes and future bragging rights,
  • If I’m available (and you want me to), I’ll help you host a braai at your place for you and your mates to drink the keg,
  • Rule #4 😉
  • The keg needs to be collected/delivered in Pretoria, all other prizes will be shipped anywhere in South Africa,
  • All the standard, boring, legal Ts & Cs that may apply.

**insert pic of BB Cheers**