Does the beer make a difference in a beer can chicken?

In a previous BraaiBoy TV episode, I made a bold claim that beer makes no difference when doing a beer can chicken. I claimed that you’re better off drinking the beer and then using an empty can to do your beer can chicken.

3 Beer Birds Beer Bird DoubleMy buddies at BeerBird decided to help me put this to the test… Armed with 3 chicks; beers; BeerBird grids and identical spices, I set forth about proving my point.


To make sure everything was legit, I invited 4 buddies (Baas De Beer, Tyron, Wynand & Bobby) over as the judges. Check the video below for what transpired.

Just in case you missed that: A FULL BEER MAKES NO DIFFERENCE. Yes, The BeerBird way of doing chicken results in succulent, juicy chicken and crispy skin… but don’t waste your beer… Use an empty can in your grid and still impress your guests.

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