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Hello… Wil Jy Braai? A South African Adele Cover

Adele’s “Hello” seems to be taking the world by storm & her latest album is breaking all sorts of records, which is all good and well… so it’s no surprise that here in South Africa someone would cover the song, combining it with something else we’re fanatical about: BRAAI!

High-5 to Frankie & Bad Peter for bringing us this little gem!

UPDATE: I had a chat with Frankie and the guys from Bad Peter, and we’ll be doing a little #Braaingterview soon… so make sure you don’t miss that by subscribing to my YouTube Channel.

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Braaihemian Rhapsody – Braai a Mango T-shirt

*update:* You can now buy the T-Shirt here
braai a mango t-shirtEvery now and then something gets sent to me via mail or shared with me on social media that really tickles my funny-bone. This was the case with this T-Shirt… so I modified it slightly and posted it to Facebook. Right away the calls to print and make them available for buying them were overwhelming. Equally overwhelming were my friends that gave me kak for the ear-worm I had just planted. One of my buddies even decided I needed to finish the rest of the song as a form of punishment for what I’d done to her… #ChallengeAccepted 🙂
It seemed like fun… and besides, except for chilling around the pool and braaing, I had nothing else to do that day… so I got cracking.
I spent the rest of the day writing what I thought were awesome lyrics for the Braaihemian Rhapsody… my girlfriend disagreed 🙂

So I got to thinking: Continue reading Braaihemian Rhapsody – Braai a Mango T-shirt