Eina my Steakie! #HeritageDay Braai Humour

It’s not Friday, so this isn’t a #FridayFunny post, but it is Heritage Day… and as South Africans we all love a good laugh, with our own special brand of humour. So in the spirit of Heritage Day, let’s celebrate with a little South African humour, courtesy of Kobus Galloway, from IdeesVolVrees.   A fair assumption[…]

“Steak Out”, Braai Humour – #FridayFunny

Today’s #FridayFunny comes to you courtesy of good friend and funny guy, Kobus Galloway, from IdeesVolVrees. #FridayFunny – Steak Out Where are you going to get your Steak Out tonight? Wherever it may be… remember to claim it on www.SupaBraai.co.za in order to stand inline to win awesome prizes from Supa Quick, Weber & Brafia Sauces every[…]

“Disposable Braai”, Braai Humour – #FridayFunny

I was was returning something at my local supermarket the other day and a woman in front of me was returning a disposable braai. Since is has already been opened, the assistant asked why she was returning it, upon which she replied, ‘Well… there’s no meat in it!’ The assistant calmly explained that the disposable braai[…]