BIERewors (aka BEERewors) Roll

Eating BIERewors Roll
BIERewors Roll
BIERewors Roll

Eating BIERewors Roll
Have you ever wondered what would happen if Beer & Boerewors were to marry… well… wonder no more! In this episode of #BraaiBoyTV, I take you through the wonder that is a BIERewors (aka BEERewors) roll. After you’ve checked out the video, please scroll on down for the printable recipe and give it a bash yourself.

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Wors And Buns – Boerewors Burger

Boerewors Burger

I’ve been threatening to do a series like this for… well… for about as long as I’ve been on this braai adventure.

SpiceGirl and I started “chatting about it seriously” about a year or so ago and we finally got our act together. It therefore gives me GREAT pleasure to present you the first ever episode of “Wors and Buns” #WorsAndBuns.

Our aim is to bring you some great entertainment, but at the same time share really lekker (and more often than not, very simple and straightforward) braai recipes. Please cast your eyeballs on the video below.


behind the scenes

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