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Submit A Braai Recipe

Nobody is too old or too experienced to learn!

My favourite braai recipe for example, The Braai Pie, was first shared with me by a friend at a random braai many many moons ago… Since then other friends have taken inspiration and decided to turn it into a dessert, I’ve seen random people doing seafood pies, and I’ve myself put everything in there from popcorn to smoked Blouwildebees (fwiw: the popcorn was not a success)… but I digress.

The point is I’m keen to keep on learning, and I’m hoping that you are equally keen to teach me.

How Do I Win?

Using the link below, you’ll have a chance to submit your favourite braai recipe. This recipe can be anything… a main dish, a side dish, starter or dessert. Hell… it could even be your favourite sauce or marinade. The only requirement is that it be done on a braai.

Then every other Thursday (assuming I’m in the country), I’ll pick one of the recipes submitted since the last winner was picked and then recreate it on Friday. That person will something cool as well as receive credit here on when I publish the recipe. Also, If you’re on twitter or Instagram, you’ll get tagged in a shout-out there as well.

What Do I Win?

BraaiBoy Zippo Lighter

BraaiBoy Zippo

The next coolest recipe wins a BraaiBoy Zippo.


Do you have a cool product that you’d like to show off to a group of braai lovers? Then drop me a message and offer it up as a prize in the weekly recipe competition.

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