September 2, 2015

Park Acoustics

Park AcousticsSometime in 2012, my buddy Christo (aka BaasDeBeer) introduced me to chaps organising the awesomeness that is Park Acoustics… Park Acoustics was growing and the increasing number of people attending meant that allowing people to bring their own braai stands was becoming a safety hazard and we sat down to see if there was a way we could fix this.

The solution was of course easy… I have more than enough braai stands at my house which I could bring over every month, make sure there was enough coals for everyone to braai, and hang around checking that we don’t burn down the Voortrekker Monument… even taking over the braai duties for some of the party-goers.

This worked beautifully for a few months… people just brought their meat, and nobody needed to schlep a braai stand & charcoal up the hill anymore. No more worries about disposing hot ashes (or knocking the braai over and setting the stage alight).

Soon enough though people started coming up to me asking if I didn’t have a spare chop or two, so we gave away a few boerie rolls to the hungry faces that forgot to bring their own.

Fast-Forward a few years and the majority of people now opt for skipping the self-catering option and instead choose to buy our now-legendary Pulled Pork Burgers or Smoked Brafia Boerie Rolls and Footlong Cheese Grillers and random treats we come up with every now and then. Of course I’ve always got a space on the grid for anyone that wants to bring their own meat, and everyone is more than welcome to pull-in for a kuier. It’s still free to do so, and if things aren’t too hectic in the stand, I’ll still offer to take over the braai duties for you… If things are a little busy though, I’ll lend you my tongs and you can tan your own chop.

P.S. While tickets are available at the gate, they’re often sold out very early, so make sure you pre-book online! I also give Park Acoustics tickets away every month, so make sure you’re subscribed to my blog if you’d like to get your hands on those.

Park Acoustics (usually) takes place on the first Sunday of every month at the Voortrekker Monument… so please pop in and come say Hi.