Be That Guy

Be That Guy LogoBe That Guy believe it’s all about you, the progressive, modern man.

They wish to keep you informed on the latest in fashion, social events, lifestyle, tech and the inside scoop on what’s current. Connecting you to an exclusive range of premium brands and people that inspire them… someone like me for example :-).

“With one eye on the future and the other on the challenges we face as modern men, diversity inspired us to establish Be That Guy. With the latest updates in fashion, grooming and accessories to the social events that no man should miss, we wish to keep you informed and evolving. Every product we offer from every brand we support was chosen to help you define you, your style and keep it up to date, but we won’t stop there. This is only the beginning.”

From Bear Oil to Rok original armbands, the gents at Be That Guy keep me look hip(ster) and original. Go on… check them out at and you too can “Be That Guy”.