Bacon-Wrapped Sweet Potato - Braai Snack

Bacon-Wrapped Sweet Potato – a lekker braai snack/starter

I’m met some awesome people and been on some epic adventures because of twitter, and this bacon-wrapped sweet potato braai recipe comes from one such adventure. I love recipes that are very simple to make, yet impress the hell out of your friends come braai time… and while anything wrapped in bacon is most likely[…]

BraaiBoy Fidget Steak Spinner

Steak Spinner – A Meaty Fidget Spinner

Moms all over the world are constantly on our cases to not play with our food. Well Mom… today I think I’m gonna convince even you to wanna play with your food… I give you THE STEAK SPINNER 🙂 The fidget spinner craze hit big recently, and even though BB Jnr already has one, his[…]