Jalapeno Poppers

Jalapeno Poppers
If you’ve been following me for some time, you’ll know how much I love the Braai Pie. Today I tried something that I also believe every braai master should try (and then love)… I present to you the Jalapeno Popper.
This delicious little snack, consists simply of Jalapeno peppers, cheese and bacon… yet they combine to create a mouthgasm of note.
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Braai Pie


Man Alive!

You have not eaten until you’ve eaten a braai pie. I LOVE a fresh pie (not the dodgy garage pies one tends to buy in a drunken state at 3 am) and I LOVE to braai… so how I haven’t come across this in the last how many years of my adult life, I have no idea.

But thanks to a friend of mine, Cara Vosloo, I was introduced to the wonder that is the Braai Pie. The concept is fairly simple: you take puff pastry, fill it with bacon, cheese and other bits and braai it… YUM! I’ll be posting the full recipe with some more pics in the recipe section of the site fairly soon.

Trust me folks when I say: You have to try this one!

Update: I’ve uploaded the full recipe here:

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Update: SpiceGirl and I recently filmed the making of a Braai Pie, you can check it out over here: Braai Pie Recipe Video

Update: There’s a DESSERT Braai Pie recipe as well!