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Beer Tasting Challenge

Beer Tasting Challenge
Beer Tasting Challenge

I was hanging out at Capital Craft (aka my office) the other day and the barman was telling me about a buddy (Wim van Vuuren) that claims he is the “beer tasting guru”. OK, fair enough, Wim works for Jack Black and knows a lot about his beer, but I spend enough time drinking the stuff, that I believe I can take him on.

1 beer led to another and before you know it, the guys at Capital Craft agreed to sponsor the beer if I challenged him to a beer tasting. Who says ‘No’ to FREE BEER? #ChallengeAccepted! OK, technically it’s a #ChallengeAcceptedToPoseAChallenge, but that just seems awkward.

So Wim, if you really are the “Beer Guru”, put your beer where your mouth is:

Pick a date, and I challenge you to a beer tasting at Capital Craft… and just to make things a little more interesting: The loser has to wait on tables, in a french maid outfit, for 2 hours. Keen?

"Beer Guru"
“Beer Guru” prefers pink champagne

P.S. This is going to be TOO easy… I searched Wim’s profile for a pic of him drinking beer, and the closest I could find was one where our “Beer Guru” is sipping on some pink champagne.

Follow Wim (@wimpvanvuuren) and I (@BraaiBoy) on twitter to see if he accepts the challenge, and more importantly what the outcome is.



*Sponsored Post Notice: Besides sponsoring the fuel (beer) for this challenge, this post was not paid for by Capital Craft, Jack Black or any of the other brands I mentioned.

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SANBS #DOnation

SANBS Be a HeroHeroes come in all shapes and sizes, and it’s within all of us to be heroes. I’m not talking about breaking world records or becoming an astronaut, but rather about donating blood. I know it’s a lot more fun to talk about the sex, drugs and rock and roll part of life… but every now and again it feels just as good to give back.

The first time I donated blood I was still at varsity, and while I don’t remember if I just did it for the free biscuits, I’ve been a big fan of the SANBS (South African National Blood Service) ever since. They recently released a really cool little advert encouraging new and existing donors to be heroes.

Check it out – a little bit of feel-good vibes for you on a Wed. evening.

Contacting The SANBS

For more information on how you can donate blood, you can visit, tweet @theSANBSor fan the DOnation of heroes on facebook:

I’d love to hear your thoughts below, or you can always give me a shout on twitter: @BraaiBoy or facebook… otherwise I’ll catch you at the next braai!

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Shaving my head for the Cansa Shavathon

CANSA ShavathonWhenever I shave my head, I think I look like some mean-ass biker dude with loads of street-cred. I mean, it’s all falling out on its own anyway… so why not just help it along?

Unfortunately my wife doesn’t agree, and while I could be all macho and tell the little lady that I’ll do what I like and she needs to live with it, she does have some good bargaining chips preventing me from doing so.

However, there’s an exception: Sometime around the beginning of March every year CANSA has a Shavathon. Dunno what a shavathon is? Check this on CANSA’s website: About the Shavathon.

This was me before the shave… a handsome devil, I know 🙂

Pre CANSA Shavathon

and now this is my new look for a while:

Post CANSA Shavathon

Did you also shave (or colour your head) for the Shavathon this year? If so, send me some pics. If you didn’t… I hope you’ll be joining me next year!

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Fly & Braai

Braai & FlyI recently got into the RC Helicopter hobby, when I discovered a neighbour of mine is actually an instructor for the hobby. He gave me a spin on a simulator and I became addicted. Time to Fly & Braai!

Unfortunately with the hassle of a day job and all the invites to parties (braais), I don’t get enough time to go flying, but at least once a month we organise a fly & braai. February’s fly & braai coincided with the national champs, and I was honoured to be called on as the resident braai master for the day.

Brett FlyingThose of you that know me will know that I’m not much of a morning person. In fact my preferred surfacing hours are after 10h00 in morning. This being the case I arrived to the field late, as Brett (the instructor dude I was referring to earlier) and Mike were about to launch into the first of their routines. Unfortunately for Brett, his first flight out saw him bring the heli back down to ground in a less than spectacular fashion.

With a crashed competition heli, many others would have forfeited the competition. Not Brett, he borrowed the nearest heli he could find and wrapped up his remaining 2 flights. Unfortunately this didn’t help him much and fell short of the top spot he was aiming for.

ParaglidingParaglidingEveryone was treated to some hamburgers and boerie rolls for lunch, as well as a bit of a show by Tony and his motorised paragliding buddies.



Fly & Braai
Chilling with the Helis


BraaiBoy & Helipad Crew
Helipad Crew

If you’re interested in RC helicopters, or keen to join us on the next Fly & Braai then contact Brett Maybery via FaceBook: or Twitter:

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A brush with death – and my desire to take someone with me

WARNING: Although the pics in this post really aren’t all that graphic, they might offend you if you’re a bit of a wuss.

How did I almost kill myself braaing and why am I so angry?

Technically it wasn’t the braai’s fault… the fault should rest squarely on the shoulders of the shooters that were flowing (even though I still maintain ‘I wasn’t all that drunk‘ when the incident occured). And who do I wish to send to hell? Well, that would be the staff at St. Vincent’s hospital in Warmbaths.

But let me take a step or two back here first:
It was a mate’s 30th birthday and we decided to make a weekend of it. Another mate owns a small farm near Warmbaths, and so we decided to have it there. The plan was to watch the Bulls thump the Sharks in the currie-cup semis, have a braai, party the night away and wake up the next morning (with maybe a mild hangover) and then head on home. That was the plan.

It started going pear-shaped shortly after 14h30, and by the end of the game the Sharks were through to the finals and the Bulls weren’t. If you know a Bulls supporter, you’ll know that we don’t enjoy losing (we just aren’t that accustomed to it :-)). Anyway, we still had a braai and some partying with which to console ourselves. We tended the fires and the beers kept flowing and sometime during the course of the evening the potjies were done and those that hadn’t forgotten they needed solids along with the liquids were treated to some chow. The fact that the 1 pot seemed to consist entirely out of potatoes didn’t seem to bug too many people.

Then at about the 01h00 in the morning things went pear-shaped. A photographer friend had the idea that some of us should get onto a couch and she’ll take an action shot as we jumped off. It sounded like a great idea. But, as I was about to get onto the couch, I either tripped, was pushed or the couch moved on its own. Either way, I ended over the top of the couch and falling through a window on the other side.

The useless staff at St. Vincent’s

Brush with Death
Murder on the dance floor

At first I was convinced that the damage wasn’t too bad, I just needed to rinse off and we could carry on. Fortunately the girls at the party had a bit more sense than that and decided I needed to get to the emergency room (even if it was just for them to put on a band-aid). Now we were about a 1/2hr oustide of Warmbaths and nobody had an idea were he hospital was, but 3 or 4 stops for directions we finally made it to St. Vincent’s where the miserable head-nurse clearly hated her life and her job and was doing her best to chase us away. To cut a long, boring story short: The nurse finally called the doctor on duty and he did his best Dr. Frankenstein impression on me and sent me on my merry way without a prescription for any painkillers.

Getting fixed up properly

Brush With Death - Arm Cut
I need some stitches

The next day, things didn’t quite feel 100%, so I popped in to PTA East hospital and a buddy there said he thought we should take another look. To cut another long story short: When they opened me up again I had 1 less tendon where there should be one and had nicked off some nerves to boot. But the doctors here cared enough and they managed to fix me up properly. So thanks to the fantastic doctors and staff at PTA East!

The good news is that I only had to spend the 1 night in hospital (and therefore didn’t have to miss any braai days and my quest still continues uninterrupted). I also spent 6 weeks learning to braai with my left hand and my wife got to clean the grill for me every day for all that time my arm was strapped up. The bad news is that because of the awesome job done the second time round, the scarring is going to be minimal – I’ve heard that chicks dig scars :-).

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Good Fellas – I’m choosing the smart way home

Good Fellas - The Smart Way Home

Good Fellas iconIf I were a cat I’d definitely have used up 8 of my 9 lives already… and thank goodness a couple of “Good Fellas” came across my path recently, so now I have a good chance of making that 9th life last a little longer.

I think it’s been established that I REALLY like to braai, and like most South Africans whenever there’s a braai, there’s a good chance you’ll find a couple of Beers, Ricky Louw’s, Klippies & Coke and all their friends. Now all this braaing & drinking inevitably leads to a lot of drinking and driving… I myself have been guilty of it many times. The fact that I’ve only been locked up once is a miracle and something I’m definitely not proud of. Since my little incident many years back, I’ve got no trouble handing the keys over to my wife after the party and she drives us home, but what do I do when she’s not around? Well… I drove home drunk of course. So why am I telling you all of this? And, who are these guys that are going to save my 9th life? I introduce you to “Good Fellas – The Smart Way Home” (

Good Fellas Logo
Good Fellas – The Smart Way Home

Good Fellas have been around for quite some time now, and they offer to take you home, in your own car, so you don’t end up leaving it at a mates place/pub and sitting with a hangover (and no car) the next morning. But it seems we’ve been a bit reluctant in South Africa to take them up on their wonderful offer (myself included), but as of today, I’m proud to say that I’ve now got a designated driver on call!

Please go check these guys out and sign up, and whenever someone offers you “one for the road”… feel free to have two! 🙂