October Park Acoustics

Park Acoustics

Technically this post’s title is a lie… There is no Park Acoustics happening in October  this year. Say What??? Nope, no Park Acoustics in October… However, it is going down on 1 Nov though. Which is good news for me, I was really bleak when I heard the line-up and thought we’d still be in America for “the last Sunday in Oct”… but we get back on the 28th October… so… I’ll see you at Park Acoustics!

The other good news is […]

Heritage Month Braai Makeover with Loot.co.za

Earlier this month I got a call from the guys over at Loot.Co.Za asking me if I would help them give 2 very deserving ladies a braai makeover in the spirit of celebrating heritage month. Westlake in the Cape, is a small community barely 2 blocks down from Loot.co.za’s offices and one of the guys that works[…]

The dangers of pulled pork

Nearly 4 years ago my “partner-in-braai”, Borries, and I started playing around with smoking meat (aka American-Style BBQ). At first it was just so that we would be able to compete in America. One of the first things we learned to do was Pulled Pork, and we quickly realised that this was something that us South Africans have been missing[…]