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Taste of Joburg 2015

Taste Of Joburg 2015Every year, The Taste of Joburg is the most anticipated Restaurant Festival in Gauteng… An unmissable foodie day out!

This year’s featured restaurant list is a selection of new additions and old friends ranging from Italian cuisine to Thai, French and Indian. “Selecting restaurants is always challenging because we want the show to grow every year,” says Festival Director, Justine Drake. “The expectations of the evolving Joburg palate are now such that we can afford to be a little more daring with our restaurant choices and I think our restaurants talk to that.

The full list of restaurants that will be there can be found on Taste of Joburg’s website:

Taste Of Joburg - Meat SliceIn addition, there will be a wide range of boutique exhibitors, artisan producers, premium drink brands and award-winning wineries that will provide a bounty of the country’s finest food and drink on offer, ensuring sampling and shopping for a range of produce in the laid back atmosphere of a boutique food market.Taste Of Joburg - Bar

And for those who want to try their hand at creating their own masterpieces, the ever-popular “Robertson’s Ultimate Burger Class, “The 2 Ocean’s Butcher Block” and the “Mixology Theatre” will also be on offer.

P.S. The festival works in “sessions” as follows (i.e. make sure you get there at the beginning of a session, or you’ll need to leave before you’ve had a chance to get through everything) :

Thu 24th Sept: 13:00 – 17:00Taste Of Joburg - Crowd Eating
Fri 25th Sept: 18:30 – 22:30
Sat 26th Sept: 13:00 – 17:00; 18:30 – 22:30
Sun 27th Sept: 12:00 – 17:00


Like or follow @TasteOfJoburg on twitter for regular updates or browse on over to for more information. Tickets are on sale at iTickets from R80 and include a tasting glass… or you can win 1 of 10 sets of double tickets with me on twitter.

How do you win?

I’m giving away 9 sets of double tickets on the 20th Sept… So please feel free to enter any (or all) of the ways below:

  1. Comment below with the name of the restaurant you’d like to try out.
  2. Send a tweet telling me which of the restaurants is your favourite. e.g.
  3. RT the tweet below:

Got any questions? Pop me a message in the comments section below, or you reach out on twitter (@BraaiBoy) and Facebook.

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Win Braaian Webber & His Friends

Gumtree is giving away a R10 000 braai hamper

Braaian Webber
Braaian Webber

Gumtree South Africa

After hearing Braaian Webber’s sad tale of dormancy in a cluttered garage despite his pristine condition, Gumtree is helping to set him free by finding him a new home with a worthy, braai-loving owner, just in time for National Braai Day!

From the 14th to the 22nd of September, braai fans have the chance to win Braaian Webber, the star of Gumtree’s latest TV Ad, Gumtree Me, Please! Not only will you become Braaian’s proud new owner, but Gumtree are throwing in a whole bunch of his friends as well – all to the value of R10, 000.

Entering is easy:

Watch Braaian Webber’s plea below:

… & then follow this link to respond to his ad.

Got any questions? Pop me a message in the comments section below, or you can reach out to me on twitter (@BraaiBoy) and Facebook, or you can even chat to Braaian directly on his facebook page.

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Super September

SuperBraai Logo

September is turning out to be quite the super month for me (and therefore you too). There’s the #SupaBraai campaign with Supa Quick, where we’re celebrating Heritage month by giving away some awesome braai prizes (Brafia Braai Sauces, Weber Braais & 2 x R5, 000 catered braai parties). If you still don’t know what it’s about, please check it out and get involved.


And then in just a few days The Rugby World Cup kicks off, and we all know how well a braai pairs with the rugby. If you think you know your rugby, now’s your chance to prove it… Join my SuperBru Pool and prove to me you’ve got the balls (pun intended:-)). Each Yellow Cap winner walks away with a sweet little braai hamper, including the very latest BraaiBoy T-Shirt.

P.S. Attention all braai product owners: If you’ve got any braai-related products that you would like to add to the yellow cap hamper, please feel free to get in touch.

Remember to follow #SupaBraai on facebook and twitter for all the latest action. and please feel free to add your 2 cents in the comments below and follow me on twitter (@BraaiBoy) and Facebook.

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On Your Mark… Get Set… Supa Braai!

#SupaBraai - Claim Your Fire
#SupaBraai – Claim Your Fire

The #SupaBraai competition was launched today… and I thought I’d give you a quick heads-up how it works.

Oh yes… and not that any of us really need an excuse to braai… but Supa Quick thought they’d give you a few anyway:

Join us in the #SupaBraai fun this September and stand a chance to win Weber Braais, Brafia Sauces and 2 catered braais to the value of R5, 000 each!

Step 1) Light the braai

Supa Braai Step 1This part is easy… It’s officially spring and you’re going to be braaing a lot anyway (right?). Now, just make sure you’ve got your phone with you and snap a quick pic every time you do so.


Step 2) Claim Your fire

#SupaBraai - Find LocationPoint your phone’s browser to and click the “Find My Location” button on the map.



#SupaBraai - Claim My FireYour current location should be marked, if it’s slightly out, drag the marker to where you are and click on the “Claim My Fire” button, and follow the prompts to upload the picture you took a few seconds ago.


Step 3) Share with your Friends & do the same again tomorrow

Unless of course you braai more than once that day… simply come back and share that braai with us as well. You can enter up to 2 braais per day. Please feel free to share your braai with your friends on facebook and twitter as well, and let’s light South Africa up this heritage month.

#SupaBraai - Share on FB and Twitter

THANK YOU… and good luck.

P.S. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask me in the comments below, or hit me up on facebook and twitter.

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#SupaBraai is coming – Get ready to claim your fire

#SupaBraai is coming
#SupaBraai is coming – Get ready to claim your fire

I don’t believe there are many South Africans that need too much encouragement when it comes to reasons for lighting a fire for a lekker braai, but for the whole of September, in conjunction with Supaquick, that’s exactly what we’ll be doing.

We’re calling it #SupaBraai and all we’re going to ask of you is to take a snap of you and/or your braai and share it with us every time you gather around the coals.

Cool prizes up for grabs: We’ve got 2 x catered braai parties to the value of R5, 000 each and a Weber MasterTouch up for grabs, as well as the new Brafia Sauces which will be given away as random spot prizes.

So what do you need to do? For now… I just need you to get psyched (and maybe start prepping the rest of your household that you will all be stepping up your braai game in the coming weeks), and then from 1 Sept head on over to every time you have a braai, claim your location and help us light up the country.

Follow #SupaBraai on facebook and twitter for all the latest action.

Got any questions? Please feel free to do so in the comments below and follow me on twitter (@BraaiBoy) and Facebook.

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Share The Warmth

BraaiBoy Old Brown Sherry

Just because it’s winter, doesn’t mean we need to braai any less… It just means we’ll be making bigger fires and standing a little closer.

I’ve also got some awesome news to share with all of you: With the help of Sedgwick’s Old Brown, I’m going to help all of us accomplish exactly that.

Sedgwicks Old Brown Since 1916

A couple of days ago the folks over at Sedgwick’s got in touch and asked me if I’d like a couple of bottles to share with my mates the next time I braaied… well duh, of course! So then I suggested they throw in a couple of prizes and we make it a REAL party… and this is where you come in.

On Thursday, 13th June I’m hosting an Old Brown party at Aandklas, and I’m inviting 30-40 of you guys over, all I ask in return is that you share your best campfire story with us for a YouTube video. Free booze, braaivleis and good times.

BraaiBoy Old Brown SherryHow do you get invited?

1) Find a buddy or 3 willing to join you on camera,
2) Contact me and give me the high-level run-down of your favourite campfire story.
There are no specific requirements, but stories of fluffy dying on your birthday are a bit of a buzz-kill, so please try to keep them happy (or at least funny).

Based on your stories, I’m going to pick +/- 10 teams to join us for the evening at Aandklas in Hatfield (Pretoria) where you will share those stories with us on camera.

I mentioned Prizes?

  • The 4 best videos (as determined by a random set of selection criteria) will be selected on 18th June.
  • Voting will be opened to everyone and the video with the most likes and comments on 21 June @ 12h00 wins R750 cash + R750 product hamper.
  • The video that comes in second wins a R500 product hamper.

Can’t get to Aandklas on Thursday?

No problem… You can create your own video and upload it to YouTube (or Dropbox etc. it to me and I’ll put it onto my channel) before 18th June and still be eligible for the prizes.


Sound like fun? Of course it does – so what are you waiting for? Get in touch and let’s Share The Warmth with Sedgwick’s Old Brown.

BTW: You can connect with Sedgwick’s Old Brown on facebook, and don’t forget: you can connect with me on facebook and twitter as well, or leave a message in the comments section below – Would love to hear from you guys.

Update: Sedgwick’s Old Brown is also giving away 100 bottles to deserving fans. Simply go share your favourite memory with them to enter and Warm up for 2013.
Update 18th: We’ve been going through the footage from the other night’s party at Aandklas, and while making for some very entertaining viewing, the editing process is proving a little more challenging. As a result, we’ll be foregoing the “top 4” process, and all the videos (that we manage to salvage from all the footage) will be uploaded. The voting will open as soon as a video is uploaded and the 2 videos with the most views, likes and comments on 21 June will still be declared the winners.