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#BBPhotoChallenge 2016

Besides being the month of love, February is also “Photo A Day” challenge time. Never heard of it? No worries, until last year, neither had I. However, I’m glad I did hear about it and decided to jump on the bandwagon, because it was a massive amount of fun… so it was a no-brainer that I decided I’d do it again this year.

How does #BBPhotoChallenge work?

Pretty simple really… I’ve chosen 29 random words and assigned each of them to a day. My job (and hopefully yours too) is then to take a picture every day using the day’s word as the theme for the photo. Share your picture on Facebook, Twitter and/or Instagram using the hashtag #BBPhotoChallenge and the best picture for the day wins a high-5 and a prize or two.

#BBPhotoChallenge 2016
#BBPhotoChallenge 2016

If you or your company would like to sponsor a few prizes for a particular, please get in touch or give me a shout on Facebook or Twitter.

Let’s do this! I’m really looking forward to see what you guys dish up this year.

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African Beer Emporium Sneak Peek

African Beer Emporium December Sneak Peek
African Beer Emporium – December Sneak Peek

If you follow me on Twitter or Instagram you’ll probably know how much I love beer, and sometime in December last year I was lucky enough to be invited to check out the African Beer Emporium (ABE) at a sneak peek event. Well… the guys at ABE are doing another sneak peek event and this time you get to go as well (I’m giving away tickets to Saturday’s party a little later on in this post).

ABE is located at 012 MARKET ON MAIN… that is 385 Helen Joseph (Church) Street in Pretoria, and before you all jump up and down about not wanting to visit the Pretoria CBD… I’ve been there a few times now, and they have secure parking and the venue is #NextLevel… there’s no reason for you to avoid it.

In their owns words:

African Beer Emporium (ABE) is an upmarket restaurant/bar which will focus on delivering local and foreign visitors a taste of Africa in an unprecedented way and with exceptional style. We will stock a large variety of African beers and our menu will feature signature dishes from all over the continent. ABE is the brainchild of the creators of Capital Craft and this latest venture is the spearhead of the 012 Central initiative which aims to bring the inner city back to life.

African Beer Emporium Sneak Peek Invite
ABE Sneak Peek Invite

So come on down to African Beer Emporium on the 30th January and check what the fuss is about. Doors open at 10h00, and if it’s anything like the last party, the live bands and DJs are gonna keep you entertained until late into the night. For more info you can check the facebook event: ABE Sneak Peek Event

I mentioned free tickets?

Simply RT the tweet below and on Thursday morning I’ll pick someone at random who is gonna walk away with a double ticket to the party on Saturday. Easy!



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Win tickets to the 1st Park Acoustics for 2016

Park Acoustics January Banner

As far as months go, January must be the worst of them… It most likely started off with a hangover, and then got worse by sending you back to work/school. However it does have 1 redeeming quality… It ends with a kickass party in the form of Park Acoustics!

We’re starting the year with a bang and we’re super happy to welcome Matthew Mole, Monark, Josh Kempen, Mind Pool, Maddy Behrens and our resident DJ Michael Lesar. Comedy is spot on with Dusty Rich, Loyiso Madinga and Lazola Gola.

Park Acoustics January Flyer

As per usual, we’ll be there to feed your hungry faces with Pulled Pork and Smoked Brafia Boerie Rolls, and if we get our asses into gear we’ll have a limited number of smoked chicken wings available as well. So make sure you get there early, we’ll only have about 50 or so wings available. Leave your weapons and bad vibes at home, but bring lots of cash for the bar and the other market stalls.

Of course you’re always welcome to bring your own chop & dop and come tan them on our fires for free (remember to bring your own cutlery though).

Tickets are available at for R150.

Win 1 of 5 Tickets!

Feeling Poor (or even just stingy)? Well, it’s real easy to win 1 of 5 tickets… Simply do any (or all) of the following:

  1. Comment below telling me why January sucks/sucked for you, or
  2. Drop me a tweet (and tag @parkacoustics & your favourite band/comedian), or
  3. Share your favourite Park Acoustics pic on my Facebook page, or
  4. RT the following tweet


In addition to your free ticket, you’ll also score a Pulled Pork Burger or Boerie Roll. #Winning!

So get those party shoes ready, and we’ll see you at the monument on the 31st!

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Win tickets to the last Park Acoustics for 2015

Park Acoustics November 2015

It’s time for one big last Park Acoustics bash for the year, and when I say it’s gonna be big, I mean REALLY big. Instead of happening on the last Sunday of the month like it always does, it’s going down on a Saturday (28th Nov) and instead of ending around sunset, we’re gonna be rocking it all the way until midnight.

There will be 4 stages/dance floors this month which are being headlined by GOLDFISH and supported by guys like Shortstraw, The Black Cat Bones, Cortina Whiplash, BCUC, The Oh So Serious and many many more.

Park Acoustics Braai

As per usual, we’ll be there to feed your hungry faces with Pulled Pork and Smoked Brafia Boerie Rolls, so you can leave your weapons and bad vibes at home, but bring lots of cash for the bar and other market stalls. If you think you can do a better job yourself, bring your own chops and you can tan them on our fires for free (remember to bring your own cutlery though).

Tickets are available at for R200, if you buy your ticket at the gate on the day they’ll set you back R250.

Feeling Poor (or even just stingy)? Well, I’m making it real easy this month to win 1 of 5 tickets… Simply do any (or all) of the following:

  1. Comment below telling me why you deserve a ticket, or
  2. Drop me a tweet (and tag @parkacoustics & your favourite band), or
  3. Share your favourite Park Acoustics pic on my Facebook page, or
  4. RT the following tweet

In addition to your free ticket, you’ll also score a Pulled Pork Burger or Boerie Roll. #Winning!

So get those party shoes ready, and we’ll see you at the monument on the 28th!

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October Park Acoustics

Park Acoustics

Technically this post’s title is a lie… There is no Park Acoustics happening in October  this year. Say What??? Nope, no Park Acoustics in October… However, it is going down on 1 Nov though. Which is good news for me, I was really bleak when I heard the line-up and thought we’d still be in America for “the last Sunday in Oct”… but we get back on the 28th October… so… I’ll see you at Park Acoustics!

The other good news is Continue reading October Park Acoustics

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Braaihemian Rhapsody – Braai a Mango T-shirt

*update:* You can now buy the T-Shirt here
braai a mango t-shirtEvery now and then something gets sent to me via mail or shared with me on social media that really tickles my funny-bone. This was the case with this T-Shirt… so I modified it slightly and posted it to Facebook. Right away the calls to print and make them available for buying them were overwhelming. Equally overwhelming were my friends that gave me kak for the ear-worm I had just planted. One of my buddies even decided I needed to finish the rest of the song as a form of punishment for what I’d done to her… #ChallengeAccepted 🙂
It seemed like fun… and besides, except for chilling around the pool and braaing, I had nothing else to do that day… so I got cracking.
I spent the rest of the day writing what I thought were awesome lyrics for the Braaihemian Rhapsody… my girlfriend disagreed 🙂

So I got to thinking: Continue reading Braaihemian Rhapsody – Braai a Mango T-shirt

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Win a VIP Bierfest experience


It’s not often that you’ll find me around a braai without a beer in my hand, so imagine my joy when folks at the TOPS at SPAR Bierfest noticed that and wanted to reward me with an “Über Table” for myself and 5 mates including Bierfest entry, premium seating, bier tasting, Glam Cam photo, costume apron (his/hers), free beer and a JIGUJA Detox drink to wrap things up.

#WINNING!!! That is… until I heard that I had to be there on 9, 10 or 11 Oct… which unfortunately happens to be when we leave for the US on our annual #BraaiUSA competition tour. The FOMO that set in was so bad, that I even considered checking in at the airport, popping into the bierfest for an hour, and then heading back to board my plane.

Fortunately sanity prevailed, and asked the organisers if I could give the prize away to you guys instead… and they agreed, and then just to make sure you #DrinkSmart , you will also win a 1-year GoodFellas SmartChoice membership!

What’s the Bierfest about?

BierfestYou can visit for all the info and to buy tickets… but in short:

In its 5th year now, the TOPS at SPAR Bierfest is voted as the “next best thing” to actually being at ze historic Oktoberfest in Munich- Germany, Bierfest is SA’s largest annual national festival of Bavarian bier culture. Since 2011, Bierfest has been carting its kegs to Durban, Johannesburg und Cape Town from September through to November each year.

Bierfestarians can look forward to participating in a range of traditional Oktoberfest-inspired games between biers (when last did you put your cow milking skills to the test?), on-ze-spot competitions (hint: dress-up on theme as best you canthere are trips to the actual Oktoberfest in the offering), and other audience participatory activities (if hoisting 1-litre steins of frothing bier to your lips repeatedly and singing along to German folk-song isn’t enough “participation” for you!).

Don’t want to miss any of the #RWC2015? Fear Not! The games will be shown on the Bierfest big screen!

How do you win?

  1. Browse on over to, click “Going” and invite the 5 mates that you want to join you at the table.
  2. Send this tweet

    1. (optional – every tweet counts as another entry) Send that same tweet every day until Wed 7th Oct @ 12h00
  3. and/or comment on this Facebook post ( and tag the 5 mates you’d take with you.
    1. (optional – every comment with 5 mates tagged counts as another entry) Comment again, tagging 5 new friends every day until Wed 7th Oct @ 12h00.

Bonus: Every day between now and Wed 7th Oct, I’ll be giving away 2 Standard Bier Hall tickets (includes entry and a bier tasting) to random tweeters/facebookers as well. SO… #GETYOURSCHMIDTTOGETHER und don’t miss out!


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Last day to win with #SupaBraai

SupaBraai Lit MapWhat an awesome month of heritage & braaing it’s been. You guys were fantastic! We received some awesome entries and managed to light up South Africa like I could never have dreamed.

I’m not sure if the Northern Cape doesn’t have Internet or if you guys ran out of wood, but either way I think I’ll make a plan and do some inspection myself next year. I can’t imagine that with all that Karoo lamb available that you guys aren’t braaing every day as well 🙂

For those of you that have already entered, light your fire one last time today (every #SupaBraai counts as an entry) and increase your odds of winning. For those of you that haven’t: Well, today is your last chance to claim your fire and win a R5, 000 braai party, hosted by yours truly, and a Weber Master-Touch.

Thanks again to everyone that played with… I’m really looking forward to partying up a storm with our winners as soon as I get back from America.

Thanks of course to Supa Quick for making this whole thing possible, and to Weber for hooking us up with the braai.

Got any suggestions how we can make this better next year? Pop me a message in the comments below or hit me up on twitter (@BraaiBoy) and Facebook.

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A #SupaBraai for R5, 000

SupaBraaiSuperBraai Logo

So let’s say someone gives you R5, 000 to host a braai for you and your mates… what would that party look like?

Let’s imagine for a second you’re hosting the party, I’m doing all the braaing for you and all you need to do is spend the R5, 000?

If you invite 15-20 of your closest friends, your braaivleis & drinks will easily be covered, and still have a quite a bit to spare… What do you do with the balance?

I asked a few friends what they would do… and here are some of their suggestions:

  • Rent a jukebox
  • Hire a butler to keep bringing you cold ones
  • Hire a professional photographer
  • Hire a Masseuse
  • Pay for everyone’s Uber to and from the party
  • Rent a blow-up Sumo/Boxing ring

The possibilities are endless!

Weber Master-TouchThink you’ve got what it takes to host a #SupaBraai for you and your mates for R5, 000? Simply click through to, and claim your fire to enter! Supa Quick are giving you the chance to win 1 of 2 x R5, 000 braai parties to be won, a top of the line Weber Master-Touch and Brafia sauces.

See you there!

P.S. Just for fun: Let me know in the comments below what you would do with R5, 000 for a braai or hit me up on twitter (@BraaiBoy) and Facebook.

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The dangers of pulled pork

Pulled Pork
Pulled Pork – Deliciously Dangerous

Nearly 4 years ago my “partner-in-braai”, Borries, and I started playing around with smoking meat (aka American-Style BBQ). At first it was just so that we would be able to compete in America. One of the first things we learned to do was Pulled Pork, and we quickly realised that this was something that us South Africans have been missing out on for years, and so we began introducing it to the Park Acoustics festival-goers. What we didn’t realise was the danger it posed!

It takes just one taste of our Pulled Pork for you to become hooked, and once hooked it poses a serious health risk. I was reading an article the other day about James Harrison, a 28-year old web designer, that suffered a near-fatal allergic reaction. You can read the full article here, but I’ll highlight the gist of it for you:

Mr Cat & The Jackal-Addicted To Pulled Pork
Mr Cat & The Jackal-Addicted To Pulled Pork

“James was fine up until he ate that non-pulled, mass-produced burger,” claimed witness and friend, Tarquin Cockpull, a 25-year-old entrepreneur who makes hats from decommission tea cosys. “One second he’s enjoying an elderberry craft lemonade he made from his own piss, some moss and Windolene, and the next he’s tucking into what looked like a delicious, deconstructed pulled pork and sanguine roasted chutney jus burger.”

Tarquin claims that in that moment James began to cough loudly as he attempted to swallow the “regular, chewy meat” but that his throat “literally rejected it”…

While we generally frown on people gulping down their own pee, we now realise what we have done and apologise to those of you that have become hooked, but also accept that it is now our civic duty to provide you with a steady supply of genuine Pulled Pork.

Park Acoustics September 2015If you find yourself in a situation similar to James, pull in to Park Acoustics at The Voortrekker Monument on Sunday the 27th and we’ll be in our usual braai spot ready to serve you. Tickets are available online for R120, and while there are normally tickets available at the gate as well, they tend to sell out fast, so your best bet it to get them online and avoid being turned away on Sunday.

In order to recruit more addicts, I’m giving away 5 tickets to September’s Park Acoustics (including a free Pulled Pork Burger).

How do you become addicted?

Simply RT the tweet below and I’ll pick 5 random winners on Monday.

Need any advice about your addiction? Got a comment to share, or just want to rant about the predicament we’ve put you in? You can do so in the comments section below, or reach out to me on twitter (@BraaiBoy) and Facebook