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Movember 2016… Win BraaiBoy Merch & Park Acoustics Tickets

BraaiBoy Movember 2016
BraaiBoy Movember 2016
BraaiBoy #Movember 2016

If you follow me on any of my social channels, you may have noticed that I look a bit different lately. I shaved my beard and I’m growing my moustache for 30 days and it’s not just a bold fashion statement. I’m doing it to raise funds for the Movember Foundation, and I need your support:

I’m supporting the Movember Foundation for the 7th time this year because Continue reading Movember 2016… Win BraaiBoy Merch & Park Acoustics Tickets

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SANBS #DOnation

SANBS Be a HeroHeroes come in all shapes and sizes, and it’s within all of us to be heroes. I’m not talking about breaking world records or becoming an astronaut, but rather about donating blood. I know it’s a lot more fun to talk about the sex, drugs and rock and roll part of life… but every now and again it feels just as good to give back.

The first time I donated blood I was still at varsity, and while I don’t remember if I just did it for the free biscuits, I’ve been a big fan of the SANBS (South African National Blood Service) ever since. They recently released a really cool little advert encouraging new and existing donors to be heroes.

Check it out – a little bit of feel-good vibes for you on a Wed. evening.

Contacting The SANBS

For more information on how you can donate blood, you can visit, tweet @theSANBSor fan the DOnation of heroes on facebook:

I’d love to hear your thoughts below, or you can always give me a shout on twitter: @BraaiBoy or facebook… otherwise I’ll catch you at the next braai!

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Wet Nose Day: Walk a dog while you snack on a boerie

Wet Nose Animal RescueWet Nose Animal Rescue Centre is hosting their annual Homeless Animal Day (aka Wet Nose Day) on Saturday, 27 Aug in Bronkhorstspruit. So please come join us and take a homeless friend for a walk.

Events kick off at 9am, and besides being able to adopt an orphaned dog (or cat) for the day and taking them on a 1km funwalk – for which you’ll receive a special certificate – there will be lots of other fun and entertainment to be had:

  • A dog show presented by the dog unit;
  • “Ronnie” and her dogs will be hosting a show;
  • A Miss Wet Nose Animal Rescue model competition;
  • Food stalls (of which I’ll be manning a braai at one, so please pop by and say ‘Hi’) and a beer garden;
  • BIG screen TV (so no excuses about missing the Rugby please);
  • Entertainment for the kids, so bring them along too!

There’s gonna be a “food bowl” and everyone is encouraged bring any animal food, toys or blankets as well. If you can’t make it to the event itself, Arcade Empire have volunteered to act as a collection point for donations… so get in touch with them if you need more info.

wet nose day 2011
Wet Nose Day 2011

The Wet Nose Animal Rescue Centre is based just outside Pretoria East, on the old Bronhorstspruit Road, Plot 75, Vaalbank
Please contact (013) 932 3941/2/6 or (013) 935 3368 for more info, or visit them on their website. If you’re on twitter you can also get in touch with @WetNoseARC, Tyron (@Tyronlsa), Julia Rubkina (@Julzy85), Henno Gous (@whisperdscream) or Meg Ekart (@Meg_misshotcake))

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Put Foot Rally Entries

These are the entries for the Put Foot Rally competition for a seat on this truly epic adventure… If you want more info about the competition itself, head on back to the Win a trip through Africa post for more about the competition.

To vote for who you think should get the seat, please mention the person’s name in the comments section of this post or browse on over to FaceBook and like the picture of your favourite entry.

Put Foot Rally Entries

skye put foot rally

Skye Says: Perceivably too high maintenance for this kind of thing. Prepared to forego 5-star hotels and floss; and rough it up all in the name of a good jol (and charity obviously). I’m a carnivore, have a self-deprecating sense of humour and I won’t drink your beer 🙂 What more do you need?

christo put foot rally

Christo says: I’m a slightly proud member of the human race. I have lots of reserves and could go hungry for days if needed, although I’d prefer if we could braai every day on the trip.

willie put foot rally

Willie says: I’m an inventor and an innovator. I’m the guy you need on any trip through Africa.

vincent put foot rally

Vincent says: Hi. I am Vincent. I live for braais and Africa. Its been a dream to travel through Africa and your votes can make this come true. Braai and Smile!

annamarie put foot rally

Annamarie says: We are very fortunate to visit this special people in Bushmanland in Namibia. They also forms part of our project of upliftment and responsible Tourism. Winning this will give me the opportunity to give someone less fortunate than myself the chance to experience the wonders of Africa.

frikkie put foot rally

Frikkie says: Ek hou van braai, en ek hou van Afrika. Sit my in die bos met ‘n vuurtjie en ek’s op my gelukkigste.

rikus put foot rally

Rikus says: Hi, I’m Rikus, and I’m a musician. That alone should tell you that I need your votes to travel. Do you know how many pizza’s a bassist has to deliver just to visit his parents, nevermind go on holiday? Well, I do… Furthermore, I LOVE The Braai, I always get photo-bombed, and I’ve never been North of South Africa. Oh, the girl is just there so more guys will like my pic 🙂

ronald put foot rally

Ronald says: Van Afrika tot Iraq, ‘n boer maak n plan met n braai – Ronald Andeson en Godfrey Anker – ons moes ma net die 2 en enigste speen varkies in Iraq braai die dag! En was hulle nie lekker so ver weg van huis nie!

brennan put foot rally

Larissa (on behalf of Brennan) says: He is an avid braaier in fact we braai a variety of things at least 3 times a week come rain or shine!!

If you’d like to enter… send me a picture of yourself in “Africa mode” and/or braaing, and I’ll put you up for voting.

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Put Foot Rally – Win a trip through Africa

I’m so super stoked and you should be too! We’ve managed to organise some wheels for a little adventure through Africa. The Put Foot Rally ( is going to take us through 7 countries in 17 days in what is being billed as the first ever social rally in Southern Africa. This no route, no rules, no holds barred trip through Africa will see us kicking off in South Africa with our first stop in Namibia. Then we’re off to Botswana, Zambia, Malawi, Mozambique and wrapping it up in Swaziland. It’s Braai Time in Africa!

Keen to join Put Foot Rally?

OK, so it’s obvious why I should be so fired up, but why did I say that you should be too? Well, as luck would have it… there’s an open seat in our Landy, and it’s reserved for one of you guys… and it’s not gonna cost you!

So what do you need to do to get in on this action?
Pretty simple really:
1) Take a picture of yourself at a braai (or something Africa related… or both)
2) Email that picture to me (, accompanied by 2-3 sentences justifying why you should be chosen
3) I’ll upload that picture to both Braaiboy’s FaceBook page as well as on my website
4) Ask your friends to vote for your picture

The 3 pictures with the most website votes and Facebook likes will be entered into a lucky draw, and the winner will join us on the trip of a lifetime.

Update: To view the entries in the competition, please go to Put Foot Entries

Some Fine Print:

  • If you get eaten by a Lion or any other African fate befalls you, you will not hold BraaiBoy or any of his sponsors liable.
  • You need to sign and agree to the Putfoot Crew Entry Agreement – available
  • You need a valid passport, visas and inoculations
  • Your food, travel and accommodation will be taken care of, but you will be be liable for your own booze, items of a personal nature and “extra activities” we might come across along the way
  • Competition closes on Wed. 8th June @ 12h00 and the winner will be announced shortly thereafter
  • We kick off in Cape Town on the 22nd June and you will need to get yourself there, and get yourself back home on the 8th July
  • BraaiBoy reserves the right to amend or alter any clauses relating to the competition
  • Judge’s (BraaiBoy’s) decision is final


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40 days of boerie rolls | #40daysofzams

So I was browsing through my Twitter timeline and being lent a lot of tweets where about what everyone was giving up etc., but then I came across a tweet that led me to this site 40 Days of Zarmies and it got me thinking “#40daysofzams… Now that’s an awesome idea”!

An extract of Brad’s site reads:

Forty days of zarmies. What a cool idea. The basic idea is this: Make a sandwich every day for 40 days, find someone who needs it and give it to them. It doesn’t have to be a gourmet zarmie, it can be as simple as a jam sandwich. It’s as easy as that! Honestly, such a simple concept but if we can get a thousand people to do it, we’ll be able to feed a thousand people a day. That is 40 000 sandwiches handed out in just over a month! Small idea, massive results

I light up a fire every day anyway, and it’s not going to be a big issue to add an extra piece of wors onto the fire and I can make a difference to someones life. So, that’s exactly what I’ll be doing.

Boerie Roll


If you’d like to join in, pop on over to Brad’s blog and leave a comment. If you’re on twitter you can follow him on @BigBradBrown or @RoxyBurger (who’s idea it was originally) and let them know too.

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Shaving my head for the Cansa Shavathon

CANSA ShavathonWhenever I shave my head, I think I look like some mean-ass biker dude with loads of street-cred. I mean, it’s all falling out on its own anyway… so why not just help it along?

Unfortunately my wife doesn’t agree, and while I could be all macho and tell the little lady that I’ll do what I like and she needs to live with it, she does have some good bargaining chips preventing me from doing so.

However, there’s an exception: Sometime around the beginning of March every year CANSA has a Shavathon. Dunno what a shavathon is? Check this on CANSA’s website: About the Shavathon.

This was me before the shave… a handsome devil, I know 🙂

Pre CANSA Shavathon

and now this is my new look for a while:

Post CANSA Shavathon

Did you also shave (or colour your head) for the Shavathon this year? If so, send me some pics. If you didn’t… I hope you’ll be joining me next year!