August 13, 2015

Braai Recipes

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Dirty Steak - aka Caveman Steak
A Dirty Steak How To - aka Caveman Steak
Bacon Weave
Bacon Weave
Step-by-step instructions on how to make a bacon weave.
Bacon-Wrapped Sweet Potato - Braai Snack
Bacon-Wrapped Sweet Potato - a lekker braai snack/starter
Beer-Can Chicken
Beer Can Chicken
In this beer-can chicken recipe, the secret is to drink the beer and then use the can as a stand. Using a full (or half-full as most recipes suggest) beer is just wasting beer.
Eating BIERewors Roll
BIERewors (aka BEERewors) Roll
When beer and boerewors marry, the result is a delicious BIERewors recipe.
Biltong Sushi
Biltong Sushi
Biltong sushi: A delicious braai snack/starter
Boerewors Sushi
Boerewors Sushi
Boerewors Sushi Recipe - A delicious, and truly South African, snack.
Braai Pie
A MUST TRY, Pie on the Braai, for every braai master.
Braai Sushi
Braai Sushi
A very simple Braai Sushi recipe
Dessert Braai Pie
Dessert Braai Pie
It's a Braai Pie, but instead of savoury as a side dish, this one is sweet and makes a delicious dessert.
Hot Chicken Wings
A straight forward, quick and easy Hot Chicken Wing (aka Buffalo Wings) recipe.
JagerBurger - Jagermeister Burger on Grill
Jägermeister Burger (aka JägerBurger)
Jägermeister Burger Recipe - You CAN have your Jagermesiter and eat it
Jalapeno Poppers
Jalapeno Poppers
Jalapeno Poppers on the braai: a very easy, crowd-pleasing snack.
Add Cream
Mushroom Sauce
A delicious mushroom sauce using store-bought ingredients
BraaiBoy Fidget Steak Spinner
Steak Spinner - A Meaty Fidget Spinner
Stuffed Beer Can Burger
Stuffed Beer Can Burger Recipe
Boerewors Burger
Wors And Buns - Boerewors Burger
In this episode of Wors and Buns, BraaiBoy & SpiceGirl show you how to make a boerewors burger.