August 13, 2015

Braai Recipes

Looking for Braai Recipes?

Then you’ve come to the right place. From braai starters to desserts that you can whip up on the braai, and all the recipes between.

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Dirty Steak - aka Caveman Steak
A Dirty Steak How To - aka Caveman Steak
Bacon Weave
Bacon Weave
Step-by-step instructions on how to make a bacon weave.
Bacon-Wrapped Sweet Potato - Braai Snack
Bacon-Wrapped Sweet Potato - a lekker braai snack/starter
Beer-Can Chicken
Beer Can Chicken
In this beer-can chicken recipe, the secret is to drink the beer and then use the can as a stand. Using a full (or half-full as most recipes suggest) beer is just wasting beer.
Eating BIERewors Roll
BIERewors (aka BEERewors) Roll
When beer and boerewors marry, the result is a delicious BIERewors recipe.
Biltong Sushi
Biltong Sushi
Biltong sushi: A delicious braai snack/starter
Boerewors Sushi
Boerewors Sushi
Boerewors Sushi Recipe - A delicious, and truly South African, snack.
Braai Pie
A MUST TRY, Pie on the Braai, for every braai master.
Braai Sushi
Braai Sushi
A very simple Braai Sushi recipe
Dessert Braai Pie
Dessert Braai Pie
It's a Braai Pie, but instead of savoury as a side dish, this one is sweet and makes a delicious dessert.
Hot Chicken Wings
A straight forward, quick and easy Hot Chicken Wing (aka Buffalo Wings) recipe.
JagerBurger - Jagermeister Burger on Grill
Jägermeister Burger (aka JägerBurger)
Jägermeister Burger Recipe - You CAN have your Jagermesiter and eat it
Jalapeno Poppers
Jalapeno Poppers
Jalapeno Poppers on the braai: a very easy, crowd-pleasing snack.
Add Cream
Mushroom Sauce
A delicious mushroom sauce using store-bought ingredients
BraaiBoy Fidget Steak Spinner
Steak Spinner - A Meaty Fidget Spinner
Stuffed Beer Can Burger
Stuffed Beer Can Burger Recipe
Boerewors Burger
Wors And Buns - Boerewors Burger
In this episode of Wors and Buns, BraaiBoy & SpiceGirl show you how to make a boerewors burger.

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