Go Bananas

Braai Month Giveaway – Show me your banana and win a Bonsai Braai #BananaForScale

#BananaForScale – A Braai Month Giveaway Spring is here, and while most of us South Africans will braai any time & any where… The Spring and Summer months allow us all to squeeze in a few more. Some time ago, I did a BraaiBoy TV episode featuring a “Bonsai Braai“… catch that episode below in[…]

Bacon-Wrapped Sweet Potato - Braai Snack

Bacon-Wrapped Sweet Potato – a lekker braai snack/starter

I’m met some awesome people and been on some epic adventures because of twitter, and this bacon-wrapped sweet potato braai recipe comes from one such adventure. I love recipes that are very simple to make, yet impress the hell out of your friends come braai time… and while anything wrapped in bacon is most likely[…]

Dirty Steak - aka Caveman Steak

A Dirty Steak How To – aka Caveman Steak

The Dirty Steak recipe, is not as much a recipe as it is a “braai technique”. In the video below you will learn how to make a dirty steak. Despite the name, a dirty steak (aka “Caveman Steak” or “Campfire Steak”) isn’t really all that dirty. When cooking a steak directly on the coals, one would[…]

Stuffed Beer Can Burger

Stuffed Beer Can Burger Recipe

I love cooking with beer, I love it even more when the recipe requires me to drink the beer 🙂 This is exactly one such recipe… It’s called a stuffed beer can burger. Touted as the best burger in the world by many, it’s a burger… but the cheese, mushrooms and whatever other goodness you’d[…]