A #SupaBraai for R5, 000

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So let’s say someone gives you R5, 000 to host a braai for you and your mates… what would that party look like?

Let’s imagine for a second you’re hosting the party, I’m doing all the braaing for you and all you need to do is spend the R5, 000?

If you invite 15-20 of your closest friends, your braaivleis & drinks will easily be covered, and still have a quite a bit to spare… What do you do with the balance?

I asked a few friends what they would do… and here are some of their suggestions:

  • Rent a jukebox
  • Hire a butler to keep bringing you cold ones
  • Hire a professional photographer
  • Hire a Masseuse
  • Pay for everyone’s Uber to and from the party
  • Rent a blow-up Sumo/Boxing ring

The possibilities are endless!

Weber Master-TouchThink you’ve got what it takes to host a #SupaBraai for you and your mates for R5, 000? Simply click through to SupaBraai.co.za, and claim your fire to enter! Supa Quick are giving you the chance to win 1 of 2 x R5, 000 braai parties to be won, a top of the line Weber Master-Touch and Brafia sauces.

See you there!

P.S. Just for fun: Let me know in the comments below what you would do with R5, 000 for a braai or hit me up on twitter (@BraaiBoy) and Facebook.

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