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Tired of the same old braai? Try these braai recipes on for size.
Braai Pie

A PIE… but on the braai… and that’s not a word of a lie!

Braai Sushi

There’s nothing raw about this sushi recipe!


Who says Jägermeister is just for shots?

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About BraaiBoy

"It's a tough life... but someone has to do it!" ... #HeeltydSpeeltyd

Besides "Raak jy nie gatvol vir braai nie?", the most common question I get asked is "How did you decide to do this?". In Short: It started out as a dare, a dare to braai every day for a year... and that was 8 years ago :-)I keep doing it because now I get to travel the country and, now and again the world, braaing up a storm and meeting and working with some of the coolest people ever!I dunno how I got so lucky, but I'm damned glad I did!#HeeltydSpeeltyd

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